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4 Fun ways to show your man you care this Christmas

There are only so many times you can cook your guy his favorite meal or buy him a new sweater. That’s not to say he doesn’t appreciate your efforts, but it’s also nice to do something different. To help inspire you when it comes to showering your man with love, we put together a few fun and creative Christmas gift ideas that are sure to impress – and ideally get him to think outside the (gift) box, too.

Happy couple snowboarding

First date – recreated

If the two of you had an amazing or particularly memorable first date, we love the idea of recreating the experience for a Christmas gift as a unique way of showing your guy how much he means to you. Think back to what you did and where you went and do your best to plan a similar evening. If you’re still living in the same town or city, go back to the same restaurant, stop by the same pub for an after-dinner drink and (most importantly) end the night with the same epic make out session. If you’re living somewhere new, that’s alright. Do the best you can to capture the essence of what you did that first fabulous night.

Favorite things day

Make a list of all of your guy’s favorite things (or get him to do it) and using that list, create a day for his Christmas gift that involves as many of his favorite things that will fit. This could include anything from starting the day at his favorite brunch spot, taking him to test drive the car of his dreams (weather permitting) and ending up at a crowded bar where he can catch the latest almost-famous indie band play a show. Or you could make him breakfast in bed, spend the day watching all of his favorite Clint Eastwood Westerns and top everything off by playing video games. The point is to make him feel loved by making the day all about him.

Action packed day

Is your guy an adrenaline junkie? If so (and you like a little adventure yourself), plan a day that involves some serious action. Book a rock climbing lesson, spend the afternoon snowboarding or think about booking the two of you for an intro to scuba diving at a nearby indoor pool. If you live somewhere warm, you have more options (surfing, white water rafting, kayaking, etc.). Chances are your man doesn’t get much time to let loose and try out all the fun activities he’d like to, so by you planning one or two for him as a Christmas gift, he’ll be ecstatic and really know you care.

Loved-up escape

Choose a weekend you know your guy will be able to get away and plan an intimate escape for two. Since this Christmas gift is supposed to be about him, where you go will depend on the types of things he likes. Does he like to cross-country ski or hike? Rent a cozy cabin near trails he can explore. Is he more into arts and culture? Rent a room in a boutique hotel in the closest city (one you can drive to, ideally) and spend the weekend checking out galleries, art openings, cool cafes, obscure movies and museums.

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