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Mall-free gift ideas for your guy

If you’re stumped on what to get your guy and time is running short, take a look at our gift ideas that come from the heart – and don’t require a trip to the mall. We don’t doubt that he would appreciate another tie or pair of socks, but before you rush out and get him something he doesn’t really need, think about gifting him with one of our simple but sweet ideas.

Woman serving hamburgers to husband and friend watching football

Photo wall

Choose 10 to 15 photos that really represent your relationship. They can be of the two of you at various points in your relationship (but not all the photos should be shots of you both), pictures of good friends, vacations, pets, family – whatever you feel will make an impact. Either print them yourself if you have a high-quality photo printer or put your pics onto a USB drive and get them printed elsewhere. Pick up some frames or use some you already have and make one wall in the house a photo wall. Put them up when he’s not home and surprise him with what you’ve done. It’s affordable, simple and makes a great gift for someone you love.

Game day

Send him out to get groceries, and while he’s out, plan to have several of his best buddies over to play his favorite video game (or card game if he’s not a fan of video games). Pre-stock the fridge with his favorite beer, stock up on snacks and pick up a few novelty prizes for whoever wins. Get the game set up and the guys organized so that when your man gets home he’ll walk right into a great time, courtesy of you. Whether it’s Call of Duty on the XBOX or good old fashioned poker, he’ll love that you care enough to put together a game day for him and his friends.

His favorite meal

This one requires a trip to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients for whatever meal makes him happiest but don’t just make him a plate of spaghetti and call it a day. Make this meal special by turning it into a date night at home. Pick up some wine, make or buy his favorite dessert and really make him feel like a king. Do as much prep as you can in advance so that when it comes time to spend time together you aren’t behind the stove the whole time. Light some candles, get dressed up in something nice (both of you) and enjoy the romantic at-home date night.

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