3 Ways to sex up your holiday season

After nonstop nights of wrapping gifts, baking cookies and hitting the mall, it’s time to inject some sex appeal into the holidays. To help sex up your season and bring you and your guy closer, we’ve put together three simple sex tips to spice things up amid the Christmas chaos.

Couple kissing in Christmas outfits

Try the pre-party quickie

With so many parties, dinners and other seasonal engagements, it can be hard to find time to talk for five minutes let alone get frisky. On top of that, once you get home from dinner at your in-laws’ or holiday cocktails with your boss, you’re likely just going to want to go to bed – to sleep and not much else. Avoid post-party exhaustion and instead slide between the sheets before you go. You’ll both have much more energy and we’re hard-pressed to believe there’s any better way to start the night than with a pre-party romp. Your friends will be wondering what has both of you in such good moods, but it’ll be your little holiday secret.

Embrace your naughty side

While Santa might favor nice over naughty, nice can be boring – especially in the bedroom. This season it’s all about embracing your naughty side when it comes to sex. There’s no need to go too far outside of your comfort zone, but have fun and kick your inhibitions to the curb. Have sex at different times and in different places, experiment with new positions and take charge more if you’re used to letting your guy initiate things most of the time. Changing things up in the bedroom is a great way to bust boredom and heat things up over the holidays.

Spice up your lingerie drawer

Give him the gift of seeing you in something sexy this season. Trust us; you won’t have to get him anything else once he notices your newest purchase. Or better yet – go shopping for something lacy together. You get the final say, but let him pick out a few things for you to try on. Just knowing that whatever you leave the store with is something he gets to see you in later will be enough to rev up the romance and drive him crazy (in a good way). Choose something that not only looks great, but that you feel good in. The sexier you feel, the better time you’ll have in bed.

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