Watch guide: Find the perfect watch style for your man

Help your man stay in style and on time this holiday season with a new watch. No matter what his fashion preferences are, a watch is one of the only accessories that most men have in common. With so many different timepiece designs from which to choose, you can find the perfect watch to fit his lifestyle.

Man wearing watch

Classic and casual

A black or brown leather band and simple white face with large numbers is a timeless look that works from day to night. Your guy can wear it to the office and then out for a date night or even to a semi-casual evening event.

If your guy goes for a more rugged look and tends to be rough with stuff, then he may prefer a leather cuff watch — a cross between sporty and classic that can handle a bit more wear and tear.

The active accessory

An everyday sport watch is just as important as a classic watch in the male accessory arsenal. Sport watches are durable and are typically made from plastic composites. They are available in a variety of colors, looks and price points. Most importantly, sport watches offer a range of specific features — such as GPS, pulse monitors, compasses and backlights — to match your man’s interests, whether he’s training for a triathlon or just planning to watch the game after mowing the lawn.

Diving watches are the extreme in sport watches. Built to last and usually able to withstand depths of up to 300 feet, they balance high function and luxury. They are also a commitment watch: on the pricey side but likely to be worn throughout his lifetime.

For a formal affair

Not to be worn with the tuxedo t-shirt, the formal watch is an essential piece for any guy’s collection. Typically slimmer than a sporty or classic style, this is his special-occasion watch. If you decide to splurge on a dress watch for your guy, pay attention to a few crucial details:

  • Consider what he already owns. Match the band to his wedding ring and cufflinks, or choose a leather band in a color that works with his dress clothes.
  • Let his personality and style dictate how much the watch should sparkle. Your jeweler has a wide spectrum of jewels available to decorate your guy’s new dress watch. Just keep his comfort level in mind; if he’s not the kind of guy who likes to be the center of attention, then less is definitely more.
  • Make it personal. Use what you know about him to pick the ideal watch. Above all, you want the watch to make him feel special and especially lucky to have you in his life.


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