10 Gifts for the bad boy

He’s hot, naughty, sweaty, rugged and bad. You must be dating a bad boy! Even though our mothers told us to stay away from that type of man, sometimes it’s hard to abide by the rules. Well, don’t stop now! Find the perfect gift to get your bad boy with our holiday gift idea list below.

Holiday gift guide for him

Lingerie (for you)

The bad boy loves to see you at your naughtiest. Go out and nab some super hot lingerie and dress up in it for him. Seeing you looking sensual and sultry is a present for him just in itself. Wear this Very Sexy Seduction garter slip from Victoria’s Secret for him. He’ll wish it were the holidays all year long.

Lingerie (for you)

Leather jacket

If he’s the James Dean type of bad boy, then a leather jacket is the perfect puzzle piece. He’ll look smokin’ hot in it and you can revel in his bad boy-ness even more. Besides, isn’t there something so hot about leather on a bad boy? This Marc New York Jackson leather jacket has just enough “rebel” in it.

Leather jacket


He must listen to Guns N’ Roses, right? No bad boy is complete without a love for some classic rock and roll ’80s music. If he’s this type of man, he will absolutely love this Greatest Hit of Guns N’ Roses CD from Amazon. But make sure he doesn’t already have it!

Greatest Hit of Guns N' Roses


Uh, yeah, that’s right. Take him skydiving! If he’s a bad boy, that means he’s probably a thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie. Even if you aren’t, surprising him with a pass for skydiving in your local area will have him jumping out of a plane, literally. Find out everything you need to know about skydiving at this informational website.



No bad boy is complete without his typical pair of Ray Ban Aviators. They complement his chiseled jawline and make every girl around him swoon. Be the envy of every girl’s eye when you walk hand in hand with your bad boy. He’ll love the style and the protection of these top-quality sunglasses.

Ray Ban aviator sunglasses

Jack, Johnnie, Jim

If he’s got an acquired taste for these three men, then this Three Wise Men flask from Urban Outfitters will make him very happy. He can carry his booze wherever he goes. Though, hopefully he doesn’t go everywhere with this.

Three Wise Men flask

Wall art

Just because he’s a bad boy doesn’t mean he can’t love The Beatles. If he’s a firm Beatles lover, then this Beatles Abbey Road canvas wall art will make him start humming, “Here Comes the Sun” and who can resist a bad boy when he’s serenading you to that song?!

Beatles Abbey Road canvas wall art

Solid cologne

One of the best parts about dating a bad boy is how good they smell. It’s important for any guy a woman dates to smell great, but especially a bad boy. This What a Stud solid cologne from Etsy is made with all natural wax and oils. Every time he leans in for a kiss, you’ll get a refreshing sniff of this delicious scent.

Solid cologne

Motorcycle helmet

If he’s a tried and true bad boy, then a motorcycle helmet, given he has a motorcycle, is your perfect pick. Unless he has a specific lucky one he wears, you can never have enough motorcycle helmets. It will keep him safe on the road and this Outlaw Chrome half helmet is positively of hot bad boy status.

Motorcycle helmet

Road trip

There’s nothing a bad boy loves more than an impromptu road trip. Plan out a place to stay in advance and at the last minute, tell him you both are going on a road trip, but don’t tell him where. The excitement of not knowing where he’s going will get him hot. Pick out a nice resort or cool cabin to stay at when you finally get to your destination. Check Expedia for deals on hotels and resorts.

Road trips

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