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Plan a romantic holiday date for him

Save your man the trouble of planning your big holiday date and do the planning yourself this year. He’ll be so happy to escape that stress that you may not need to get him anything else for Christmas. No matter your budget, schedule or location, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding an activity you’ll both enjoy.

Couple on romantic sleigh ride

Take in the sights

Get out and enjoy the holiday sights together. Go for a walk through your neighborhood to see the Christmas decorations or visit a local lights display. Bundle up for the cold, but not too much; the chilly weather gives you a perfect excuse to snuggle. If you two aren’t the cold-weather type, stop for hot chocolate, turn on some holiday tunes and enjoy the view from your car.

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Get physical

There’s nothing like shared physical activity to bring you closer together. Show him your athletic side by taking him sledding or ice skating — or just start a simple snowball fight. Not the athletic type? That doesn’t matter. These types of activities are probably right down his alley, and he won’t mind helping you get the hang of it. In fact, a few spills in the snow may be just what you need to break the ice and get the evening started off right.

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Get away

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can make it hard to find time for your special someone — frustrating, because it’s a time meant to spend with those who mean the most to you. Instead of planning an evening, plan an entire weekend. Book a room at a bed-and-breakfast and dedicate an entire weekend to celebrating both the season and each other. Once you’re there, you can get out and take part in touristy activities, or stay in your room the entire weekend. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you do it together.

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Get dolled up

Whether you’re going to dinner at a swanky restaurant or out for a game of pool at the local dive bar, go all out when getting dressed for the evening, and ask your man to do the same. The idea may not seem appealing to him at first, but once he takes a look at you, it’ll all be worth it. You’ll both feel great about yourselves, especially if you’re normally a more casual couple, and that confidence will improve your moods all night. Plus, staring at your hot date all night will make it tough to keep your hands off of each other.

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