Exchanging gifts: 3 Ways to surprise your man

This holiday season, instead of using traditional red and green gift wrap with a metallic bow and a store-bought name tag, do something a little bit different. Get creative and clever with these unconventional ways of wrapping and presenting a gift to your man.

Woman surprising husband with gift

It’s a wrap

  • Use unexpected paper instead of traditional holiday gift wrap. Some gift givers use newspaper comics or aluminum foil. Also consider using the front page of the newspaper from the day you first met, the sports page featuring his favorite team, or even a map of his hometown.
  • Create custom gift wrap yourself. Just get a roll of butcher paper and break out your art supplies. Personalize the paper with stencils, stamps, paint or markers.
  • Write a love letter to your man on the paper. Just be sure that he realizes it before tearing it off the box.
  • Order custom gift wrap featuring your own photos of the two of you together. PicturePaper allows you to select from more than 100 styles, upload your images and design your gift wrap. The company ships it out in just three business days.
  • Use fabric instead of paper. For example, wrap a oddly shaped box with a scarf, place jewelry in a sock, or wrap a gift for him in a new sexy nightie for you.
  • Use unusual items as containers — everything from an empty cereal box or vintage cookie tin to an opaque plastic box.

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Fit to be tied

Forget about the boring bows and ribbons. This year, think of some creative ways to secure his holiday packages:

  • A belt, necktie or scarf makes a nice secondary gift, too.
  • A dog leash is a fun option for your pet-loving man.
  • Wrap gifts for the eco-conscious guy in bamboo leaves or birch bark and tie them with hemp twine.
  • Yarn, tassels, garden tape and shoelaces are also surprising and delightful selections.
  • Bells, small Christmas ornaments or other unexpected touches can finish off presents nicely. For example, consider attaching a toy that he loved as a kid (for example, an action figure) to the top of each gift. Think outside the box and come up with something clever that feels personalized.

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Perfect presentation

Take an ordinary looking gift and make it extraordinary with the right presentation:

  • Wrap a tiny gift in a much, much bigger box to throw him off. Fill the biggest box you can find with shredded newspaper, packing peanuts or even marshmallows, and then hide the smaller box with the real gift inside. (If you use marshmallows, don’t keep the box close to the fireplace or the heater.)
  • Wrap a tiny little box with only a key inside and put it under the tree. When he opens the box on Christmas morning, he’ll have to hunt around the house to find what the key opens. It could be the key to anything from a lock box to the glove compartment, where he’ll find his real gift.

No matter what you bought for your man this holiday season, put a little extra effort into the wrapping and presentation to make it a bit more creative and fun.

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