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4 types of sex not to have this holiday

The holidays are not the time to sabotage your sex life. You may be tempted to get a little extra cozy with whomever you happen to meet under the mistletoe, but be careful who you get too frisky with. Not everyone you take home with you (or go home with) will be worth it. Avoid post-sex regret this holiday season with our guide to four types of seasonal sex to avoid.

Ex sex

Getting back together with an ex for a holiday romp can be very tempting. It’s familiar, a bit naughty and it can feel good – while you’re doing it. Afterwards you’ll likely just end up angry at yourself for falling back into bed with someone you broke up with (or who broke up with you). Resist the urge to call up your ex or start flirting if you run into him at a party or bar. He may have turned on the charm to get you back into bed, but trust us; you’re better off being civil and just walking away.

Revenge sex

Guys can be hard to predict. One minute everything’s fine and the next minute they don’t return your calls. If you’ve recently been duped by a guy you thought you had something with, don’t deal with your frustration by sleeping with the next guy you see. Sleeping with one guy just because you’re angry with another one is never a good idea, especially around the holidays. You have too much going on (have you finished shopping yet?) to be plotting how you’re going to hurt the loser that stopped calling or who picked up where he left off with his ex. Good riddance!

Cocktail-inspired sex

While we’re not against a little holiday fun with someone you met at a party, be careful about how much you let your last cocktail dictate who you go home with. Too many seasonal one night stands can just cause stress and actually start to get boring. Take a second look at the guy who caught your eye after your fourth rum and eggnog to make sure it’s not just the rum that has him looking so good. Our advice: Be a little pickier and spend your time this holiday with someone that’s really worth your time.

Pity party sex

Being single around the holidays can feel like the worst thing in the world. When you’re not with someone, it seems like everyone around you is wrapped up in romantic relationships, sipping hot chocolate and kissing on sidewalks. It’s enough to drive even the most secure women to fits of self-pity. But having sex with someone just because you feel lonely isn’t always the best move. Rather than hit on a random guy in hopes of a hook-up, call a friend or spend extra time with your family. You’ll feel better if you remind yourself of all the love you do have in your life.

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