Patti Stanger reveals three dating destinations

Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger, knows a thing or two about meeting men with money. She recently revealed her picks for the top three cities that are perfect for meeting your own millionaire.

Patti Stanger looked amazing when we caught up with her at the Pamper Me Fabulous women’s retreat at the gorgeous Terrana Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes.

And why wouldn’t she? The Millionaire Matchmaker star recently toned up using the Sensa diet, which she is now the face of, and is ready to meet her match. In between checking out adorable shoes for her next date by Just Fabulous, Patti shared with us her top destinations for picking up men.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Patti explains that a desert gold mine is a great place for meeting a real man: Scottsdale, Arizona. “The tall, the rugged, the ripped… and the rich are in Scottsdale,” she said. Imagine the possibilities — riding off into the sunset, gripping Prince Charming’s guns.

Patti Stanger knows where to meet rich men

If you want to find rich men, Patti Stanger says learn to ski ASAP!

Since she is a single gal herself now-a-days, she couldn’t help but notice the man candy lurking around this town. “I don’t know what they put in the water, but they’re manly men.” We’re listening.

“You go to Starbucks, they ask you for your number, they’re 6’2″ and they’ve got their dog, they ski on the weekends, they’ve got a nice condo and they wanna get married.” Phew, deep breath! Whether you believe in Patti’s phenomenon or not, it seems to be worth a peek.

Breckenridge, Colorado

“How many of you ski? Whoever doesn’t ski, get skiing. You don’t have to actually learn how to ski, but you gotta sit at the hottie pa-tottie bar and get your little hottie totties.”

From her dating slang, she breaks into the statistics. “There are four places in the United States which have the largest percentage of men versus women and one is Breckenridge, Colorado.” That ratio she is referring to is eleven to one.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

What three ski cities make up the rest of that list? “If you want the divorced guy, you go to Vail. That’s where he is with his kids on the weekends.” Next, “Whistler is amazing for the international set because they get the Canadians and they get the Europeans.” Lastly…

Jackson Hole, Wyoming which Patti says “is really a best kept secret.” Here, you’re upgrading from millionaire to billionaire. “The oil billionaire,” Patti specifies.


Patti Stanger's Birthday Bash

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