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Keep your relationship hot as the temperature drops

Relationships take work, especially when it comes to keeping those sparks flying. One of the hardest times to keep romance alive is probably the gray, cold, snowy months of winter. But we’re here to help heat things up.

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We asked lifestyle and relationship expert Marilyn Diamond, bestselling author of Fit for Life and the upcoming Sexy for Life, for her top relationship tips for keeping things steamy when winter hits.

Embrace the season

Before you decide to hibernate until June, remember how much fun winter was when you were a kid. Think back and recapture that kid-like feeling. “Winter was an exciting time back then with all the snow and holiday spirit,” says Diamond. “Be in that frame of mind of fun and anticipation.” A more fun-focused outlook will be much more likely to put you in the mood for sex this season.

Indulge a little

Keep red wine and dark chocolate in your life this winter as romantic treats you can share with your partner, Diamond advises. She suggests making a regular date with your guy to sit together by the fire and plan out how to make this winter your best yet. Plan a vacation, think about renting a cabin or just simply figure out how to make the most of the colder months – all while enjoying your wine and chocolate. “As he sips his wine, surprise him by popping a piece of dark chocolate into his mouth, followed by lots of warm kisses.” Sounds good to us!

Add color

It might be gray outside, but Diamond stresses the importance of color – in particular, fiery red. “Don’t let your sexy look go just because it’s cold,” she says. “For winter, choose bright colors and layer over sexy red lingerie to keep the element of surprise and to turn the heat up, of course.” If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try a strip tease? Slowly peel off your winter layers (off with the sweatshirt, sweat pants or fleece PJs), kick off your shoes and show off your red lingerie. We’re willing to bet your guy will forget about the cold pretty quickly with this sexy way of warming up.

Scrub up

Winter can mean dry, flaky skin – not exactly sexy. To keep skin touchable, Diamond suggests dry brushing your skin to keep it baby smooth and rev up your circulation. Brush up from your feet to your heart, front and back. Dry skin brushes can be purchased at most natural food or health stores. Then, soak in a hot bath to relax tight muscles and de-stress. Add aromatic bath salts for even more relaxation. Then, after lightly toweling off, moisturize with all-natural virgin coconut oil (an ultra-hydrating product) or your favorite lotion. The softer your skin feels, the more likely you are to want to show it off.

Go for the glow

The sun may not be shining, but there’s no need to walk around looking like a ghost. Feeling sexy is an important part of being in the mood to have sex and we can all use an extra beauty boost in the winter. Brush a little bronzer on your cheeks, shoulders and in and above cleavage and finish with a pink gloss on your lips, Diamond advises. You don’t have to feel the need to wear a full face of makeup, but anything you can do to feel more confident and sexy helps keep the spark alive.

Have sex to de-stress

Need another reason to slide between the sheets? Sex is known as a de-stressor. “The oxytocin you release in love-making will solve all the issues of holiday tension and bond you,” Diamond explains. Oxytocin is a hormone known to relieve stress, ease depression and promote an overall feeling of well-being. Diamond says, “Make love this holiday to keep your home life cheerful and happy.”

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