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4 Fun ways to spend a cold night indoors

Baby, it’s cold outside. If the drop in temperature has you spending more time indoors, it’s time to turn date night into a stay-at-home activity. We put together four fun and affordable ways to rev up the romance and spend quality time with your man this winter.

Man giving a backrub to wife

Movie night

Movie night can be about more than merely seeing what made-for-TV special happens to be on. Rather than settle for a ho-hum night at home, make movie night a little more special. Rent some classics (Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Graduate, Casablanca) and pick up some gourmet snacks such as caramel popcorn, dark chocolate and bite-size brownies or cake pops to enjoy while you watch. Don’t forget to snuggle up on the couch together to really get into the romantic movie night spirit.

Fireside picnic

You don’t need sunshine and a park to have a picnic. This winter, why not plan an indoor fireside feast you can enjoy with your guy as the snow swirls outside? Set up a plush, oversize throw in front of the fire, light some candles and dim the lights for ambiance and enjoy a cozy meal for two. A bottle of robust red wine, hearty pasta or bowls of rich stew with rustic, country bread make for a perfect fireside dinner. Finish the meal with something decadent like chocolate fudge cake or opt for something lighter like chocolate covered strawberries and Champagne.

DIY couple’s spa night

Indulge together by planning a DIY spa experience at home for your next date night. Start by giving each other massages. Pick up massage oil and take turns working out the kinks and sore spots. Next hop in the shower – together. Use an exfoliating scrub to get your bodies smooth and touchable. Your favorite body wash and lightly textured cloth or sponge also does the trick. Dry off and treat each other to one more mini massage as you apply luxurious lotion to each other post-shower. Finish the night by sipping sparkling wine and cuddling up in fluffy bathrobes.

Games night

A little healthy competition can really spice things up on date night. Choose your favorite game – video games, board games, card games – whatever you both know how to play and enjoy, set up some simple snacks and see how the battle unfolds. Decide on a prize for the winner to make things even more interesting. We suggest that whoever takes top prize gets a home cooked romantic dinner, a romantic massage and of course, bragging rights.

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