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Are you falling in love? 3 No-fail ways to tell

Love and lust are two different things. When you’re in the beginning stages of dating someone, the two can get mixed up making it hard to figure out what exactly it is you’re feeling. To help you decode your emotions and find out if you really are falling in love, we put together three signs that usually point to love.

Happy couple in the Fall

You want to tell him – everything


You might have great conversations with someone you’re merely dating, but when you find yourself in love territory, you usually want to share everything with the person you’re with. Whenever something happens during the day (from getting kudos from your boss in a meeting to tripping on the sidewalk on the way back from lunch), you want to tell him about it. Whether you text him about the fall or send him an excited email about how much your boss loved your presentation, falling in love means wanting your man to know what’s going on in your life as a way of bringing the two of you even closer. While you may not feel the need to tell some guy you’re dating that you finally managed to teach your Jack Russell to roll over, this is something you will feel the need to tell the person you’re in love with.

You’re planning ahead – and he’s in the picture

It’s one thing to fantasize about wanting to spend more time with your crush or planning fun weekend dates with the guy you’re with. It’s another thing entirely to start thinking ahead to shared living space, shared vacations and even shared pets. If your man is in all of the future plans you’re picturing, we’re willing to bet you’ve fallen hard for him. It’s not every day that someone comes along who you can picture yourself living with or going on a trip with, so when that does happen, it means something. Next step: Taking him home to meet the parents.

Everything you like to do is more fun – with him

We all have our favorite activities, whether it’s hiking, watching old movies, gallery hopping or checking out the latest must-try restaurants in town. These are the things that make you happy and that you do to unwind or just let off steam. Often when you fall in love with someone, all of your favorite things start to feel even more fun – because you’re doing them with this person you can’t get enough of. One of the best parts of falling in love is getting to share your passions with someone new and ideally turn them into shared interests and activities. If you find yourself itching to take your current love to your favorite hiking spot or have a movie night featuring all the old classics you crave, consider yourself well on your way to being in love.

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