5 Top trainer exercises to blast holiday fat

We know you don’t have a lot of time to exercise when the holiday season hits, but we also know the last thing you want is a muffintop squeezing over your favorite pair of jeans or extra rolls underneath that little black dress.  

Top Trainer DVD

To help you blast the holiday fat before it settles in, we turned to the Top Trainers team, made up of the hottest, fittest chicks in the industry, to get a fast calorie-shredding workout that will fit in any busy gal’s holiday schedule.

The Top Trainers recommend variety for top fitness

If you haven’t heard of Top Trainers, get to know them now so you can initiate a jumpstart on your New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, tone up and look great. The Top Trainers DVD set includes killer workouts from 10 of the top fitness professionals in the country. Utilizing the Blend Method, allowing you to experience a wide variety of workouts, the Top Trainers DVD set delivers interval training from Lindsay Brin, ballet moves from Jennifer Galardi, body sculpting with Angie Miller, dance fitness from Susan Tuttle and more.

Why variety? Because research shows that people are more likely to love working out and reach their goals. Here’s a five-move fitness combo to give you a taste of the Top Trainers program and help you blast fat now and into the new year.

The five-move Top Trainer workout

Tracey Mallet's Circle Roll-Up

Tracey Mallet’s Circle Roll-Up

As the holidays roll around, it doesn’t mean your stomach rolls need to make a guest appearance. Tighten up your abs and leave room for special holiday treats at this year’s gatherings.

Start position: Sit upright on the floor/mat and bend your knees. Extend your arms straight out in front of you.

Perform: Tighten your abs and slowly roll down towards your left side in a circular motion, with your arms following your movement. As you roll around to the center point, extend your arms up over your head and let them lead you to the right as you circle back into your starting position.

Reps: Total of 50; complete 25 circle roll-ups starting to your left and 25 to the right.

Jennifer Galardi's Long Lean Lines

Jennifer Galardi’s Long Lean Lines

Dip your legs into top shape and get them lean in time for this year’s office holiday party. Shapely, firm legs will complement any dress or outfit.

Start position: Stand up tall with your heels touching, in a turned-out stance known as ballet “first position.” Relax your shoulder and let your arms hang in a circular shape in front of your body (ballet “first position” arms).

Perform: Extend your left foot out and plié to the left, squeeze your legs while keeping your right leg planted on the ground, into ballet second position. Both arms gracefully follow the movement extending to your sides (ballet second-position arms). Your left leg and both arms should then return to your initial stance. Repeat the same steps to the right to complete one set.

Reps: Total of 30 sets; one plié to the left and one to right is a set.


Ellen Barrett's Belly Buns and Thighs

Ellen Barrett’s Belly Buns and Thighs

Stocking stuffers and gifts are great, but buns of steel are the best gift of all. With Ellen’s simple steps, work towards achieving the perfect bottom.

Start position: Standing upright, position your left leg in front of you, bending it forward. Extend your right leg into a lunge position. Gently place both hands on your left leg.

Perform: Squeeze in your abs and buns, and in small controlled movements gently dip and lift your body without your right knee touching the ground. Keep your hands gently placed on your left leg.

Reps: Total of 60; complete 30 with your left leg in front and 30 with the right.

Lindsay Brin's Boxer Shuffle Cardio

Lindsay Brin’s Boxer Shuffle Cardio

Get your heart rate up and lose some extra pounds to indulge in your favorite holiday meals. Jab, shuffle and jingle your way to the perfect body.

Start position: Standing upright with your left leg forward, position your body towards the right. Bounce lightly in the boxer shuffle position with both arms in front of you and get ready to jab.

Perform: Jab forward twice with your left arm, extending the arm out (but not 100 percent), then move both arms back with quick punches in speed-bag motion. Change stance to the right side and repeat with right arm.

Reps: Total of 100; complete 50 with your left arm and 50 with the right.

Stephanie Vitorino's Interval Exercise

Stephanie Vitorino’s Interval Exercise

Jump the gun — and blast off your excess weight. Work both your arms and legs with Stephanie’s interval exercise in the comfort of your own home, throughout the winter.

Start position: Stand up tall with your arms to your side and your legs very slightly parted. Squat with your arms bent and positioned in front of your chest, your hands in a fist with your fist facing upward.

Perform: Squat down and push off your legs. Jump up, extending and parting your legs and bringing up your arms, similar to a jumping jack. When landing, squat down and tighten your biceps slightly, raising your arms above your head. Your hands should still be in a fist. Push off and return to your initial squatting position and repeat (quick intervals).

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