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This Pillow Might Just Save Your Long-distance Relationship

The general consensus is in: Long-distance relationships suck. It’s not that they aren’t worth the effort, but going to bed alone at night knowing your partner is far away is just so dang sad. A company called Little Riot, however, is attempting to bridge the long-distance gap with a super high-tech pillow called Pillow Talk.

Pillow Talk seeks to bring back the intimacy to your long-distance relationship by sending your heartbeat, in real time, to your loved one. They can hear your heartbeat in their pillow and you can hear theirs. Super sweet, right?

Pillow talk
Image: Little Riot

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How it works

Each person has a sensor wristband they wear to bed at night, and a small speaker that fits under their pillow. The bracelet wirelessly communicates with the other user’s pillow, and all you have to do is lay your head down to feel like you are in bed with your loved one.

“By sharing something so intimate with each other, you can feel connected in a unique and special way,” it says on the Pillow Talk Kickstarter page.

Pillow Talk is scheduled to hit the market sometime in 2017, and is now available for pre-order at $179.

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Not just for couples

This is obviously an amazing product for long distance couples and military families, but Pillow Talk also seems like a great idea for parents who are trying to transition their kids into sleeping in their own beds. Being able to hear their parents’ heartbeat in the other room will surely comfort a child and help sooth them to sleep.

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Originally published November 2011. Updated February 2017.

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