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Avoid these wedding disasters

Ideally, your wedding will go off without a hitch, but just in case disaster strikes, we’ve got a few quick fixes that you can set into motion at the first sign of discord. Seasoned wedding planner Jennifer Glatt, wedding manager at 1-800-Registry, gave us her suggestions on how to remedy any wedding nightmare situation that should arise during your (or a friend’s) nuptials.

Bride having a wedding nightmare

Wedding nightmare scenario #1:

One of your groom’s frat brothers gets more than a little tipsy at the open-bar reception

How to fix it: “Your first response should be to let the event coordinator or catering manager know so he or she can handle it. If he or she can’t be found, discreetly tap a groomsman to encourage the guest to step away from the bar into a lobby or area where few guests are. Offer the guest some food to help slow the absorption of alcohol. Most importantly, make absolutely certain you get the person’s car keys. Typically the bridal party will know details such as whether the couple made arrangements for after-party transportation. If not, call the guest a cab or, if the reception is at a hotel, encourage the guest to check in to a room for the night.”

Wedding nightmare scenario #2:

Your fiancé is getting nosy about your wedding dress, and you want to make sure he doesn’t see it before the big day (even if you live together!)

How to fix it: “Brides should check with their bridal gown vendor or seamstress about storing their dress for them until the big day. A friend’s house is also a good back-up plan. Communication is key, so make clear with the groom, friends, family members and vendors about your desire to keep out of view prior to the ceremony. The photographer will need to know you’re keeping your dress a surprise so he can take photographs accordingly, like capturing the moment the groom lays eyes on his bride. The event planner or wedding coordinator should also be familiar with the layout of the venue, and assist brides with navigating the grounds to avoid being seen.”

Wedding nightmare scenario #3:

One of your bridesmaids is feeling left out, and she’s getting moody

How to fix it: “Establishing expectations up front goes a long way toward reducing opportunities for misunderstandings. Choosing one maid of honor eliminates the confusion about who’s in charge of planning certain events. If you feel compelled to choose two, be clear about how you see them sharing the responsibilities.”

“Give your attendants a special job for the wedding that reflects the personal bond you share with each of them. This will also help them feel that they are contributing to your wedding in a meaningful way. An example of this would be is to have the crafty friend you scrapbook with help you assemble the DIY favors you’ve selected. Or, perhaps you share an interest in photography with a friend. Ask her to take some photos of you as a gift to your husband-to-be. Both of you will have fun with the photo shoot and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind wedding gift to give your guy on the big day!”

“Choosing your attendants often means choosing friends from different parts of your life — high school, college, work… Social media has made it easier than ever to introduce your past life to your present life. Create a private Facebook group for your attendants and encourage them to find common ground with one another. If your attendants live nearby, consider hosting an informal get-together before the planning gets underway so that everyone can meet and mingle.”

Wedding nightmare scenario #4:

Two of your bridesmaids dislike each other — and they’re not putting their differences aside

How to fix it: “If you find bridesmaids are not getting along, communicate with them as early as possible. If the issue is one you can help with, do so. If it’s a personal issue between them, let them know that they are both important to you and ask that they either resolve the conflict or set it aside for the time being. You don’t have time to be a referee while you plan your wedding. And, if all else fails, resolve not to get in the middle of the issue between them. Do what you need to do to avoid having their altercation negatively affect the joy of your wedding day.”

Wedding nightmare scenario #5:

The whole ceremony (and the reception) is running an hour (or two!) late

How to fix it: “First of all, don’t let it be you who’s holding things up. Trial runs for makeup, hair and your dress all need to be done before the big day so you can create a realistic time table for the wedding. Allow yourself extra time for photos as well.”

“If the officiant is running late, you’ll need to wait since he’s a required part of the ceremony. Everyone else is optional, so if the people most important to you and your groom are present, don’t hold the ceremony. I’ve seen guests arrive 30 or 45 minutes late!”

“If things are running behind schedule at the reception, send your planner to deal with the details — after all, that’s why you hired her! At 1-800-Registry, every vendor is ‘Bride-Certified,’ having undergone extensive reference checks to ensure that you work with highly recommended professionals who can deal with these tough scenarios, every step of the way.”

Wedding nightmare scenario #6:

Your hair or makeup turns out to be a total disaster the day of

How to fix it: “Good planning is essential when it comes to makeup and hair. Do your homework to choose reputable vendors that have a list of client referrals, and select the vendors who understand your vision for your wedding day. Trial runs are essential to avoiding day-of disasters, so make sure to book a trial appointment to play around with hair and makeup looks. The extra money is worth the investment because you will be certain that you look exactly the way you imagined on your big day.”

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