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Fitness find: Kick off 2012 with the Bar Method

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for new fitness routines to try out because, let’s face it, the same old workout gets boring after a while, both for you and your muscles. With 2012 fast approaching, it’s time to make a New Year’s resolution, and when it comes to fitness, there’s nothing better than the Bar Method to whip your body into shape. Read on to find out why this workout is something you need to try — regardless of your age, shape or fitness level.

Woman doing the Bar Method

Nothing kicks off the New Year like a brand-new sculpted body, so if you want one of your own, you’re going to have to work for it — but that’s not a bad thing! Right now, I can’t get enough of the Bar Method, which will have you hooked after just one workout. With just more than 60 studios around the U.S. and Canada, the Bar Method is taking fitness as we know it by storm in a way that you’ve probably never tried before.

The Bar Method’s website says it all. The workout creates a “uniquely lean, firm, sculpted body by combining the muscle-shaping principles of isometrics, the body-elongating practice of dance conditioning, the science of physical therapy and the intense pace of interval training into a powerful exercise format that quickly and safely reshapes and elongates muscles.” The best part? The magic happens fast.

We caught up with Gina Williams and Melissa Ramsey, owners of The Bar Method in Bernardsville, New Jersey, to talk about rock-hard abs, lifted seats and a slimmer overall physique.

SheKnows: What inspired you to get involved with the Bar Method?

Gina and I have been passionate about exercise our entire lives. Six years ago we began taking an exercise class based on the Lotte Berk philosophy. We started out training daily for a full year; in January of 2009 the studio was opened and we began teaching immediately. The energy of the studio was amazing! The thought of helping women get stronger and more confident was so gratifying. We never saw an exercise method so targeted, so safe and so effective at re-shaping bodies. We knew almost immediately we wanted to spread the method to other communities nearby.

SheKnows: What sets the Bar Method apart from other “barre” workouts?

The Bar Method is different from other “barre” routines because ours is extremely effective and very safe for the body. Every exercise is developed by physical therapists so it is extremely targeted and is one that delivers results in a safe manner. The strengthening exercises are intense and the stretching that follows creates a long, lean, slim and tapered body.

SheKnows: Tell us why this workout isn’t a fad and what keeps it from getting old.

The Bar Method has been around for more than 10 years. The Lotte Berk method, which it was derived from, has been around for more than 30 years. It is a method that just keeps getting better and better over time.

SheKnows: Can people with injuries or those who are out of shape do the Bar Method?

Yes, absolutely. We have modifications for every exercise for people with various injuries. These modifications are again developed by physical therapists, so each is extremely safe and effective in sculpting, strengthening and stretching each muscle group. All fitness levels are welcome as well.

SheKnows: What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone looking to start doing Bar Method workouts? Maybe someone who is too scared to get off the couch and try.

Bar Method is an exercise program that can be adapted for many people. It is a method that builds on itself and one that you can grow with as you become more experienced. Take each class one step at a time. Be patient, and it won’t be long before you’ll have long, lean thighs, firm abs and a lifted seat. You will find muscles you never knew you had before!

SheKnows: Tell me in a sentence or two why the Bar Method gets results.

The Bar Method is a revolutionary workout that quickly and safely reshapes your entire body. It integrates the fat-burning format of interval training and redefines your muscles, helping to create long, lean bodies. This one-hour class strengthens core muscles, improves flexibility and posture and leaves you yearning for more.

Bar Method classes and DVDs

Not near one of the Bar Method studios? Try one of their workout DVDs instead. At about $20, they won’t break the bank and will soon become your go-to workout for 2012.

If you’re curious how much the workout costs, we’re not going to kid you. In some markets, a monthly unlimited membership costs upwards of $200. Is the Bar Method worth it despite the hefty price tag? Let your newly sculpted muscles answer that.

Watch: The Bar Method Exercise DVD

In The Bar Method Exercise DVD, Bar Method founder Burr Leonard demonstrates various high-calorie-burning, body-sculpting exercises. Check out these sample clips below!

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