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All I want for Christmas is a boyfriend who…

Sure, boyfriends can be smelly, mean and not-so-clean, but we still love them! Since Christmas is practically around the corner, Kate is giving you a chance to wish upon a virtual mistletoe for an almost perfect boyfriend.

Kate walsh

Boyfriend wishes for the holidays

It’s tough when you love your guy but can’t seem to get him away from the television or hate that he never does the dishes. Sometimes our pet peeves as ladies get even more nit picky: “He never offers to be the designated driver”, “He talks to his mom more than me” or “He never takes me out to dinner anymore!”

Maybe you’re wishing for your boyfriend to simply get moving, or maybe you’re hoping for prince charming to be under your tree with a dozen roses on Christmas morning. Either way, Kate wants you to wear your heart on your sleeve and dish out your boyfriend wishes.

Our boyfriend wish list

Dear Santa, All we want for Christmas is a boyfriend who…

  • Loves us through the good moods, the bad moods and the days we don’t get enough sleep.
  • Knows how much it means when he chooses a night in with us over a night out with the boys.
  • Comes with a puppy!
  • Knows how to take a tip or two when it comes to his less-than-average guy style.

Now it’s your turn! Come up with a clever boyfriend wish and submit it to Kate Walsh here >>

The grand prize

Submit a video of yourself filling in the blank of this sentence. “Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a boyfriend who… (fill in the blank). Kate will pick one winner to accompany her to Phoenix on the set of her video shoot for her upcoming webseries. All you have to do is rag on the things about boys that drive you crazy… and cross your fingers that your next boyfriend takes the request to heart.

Start wishing and read up on all the contest rule here >>

A letter from Kate


I am super party excited to be doing a webseries with SheKnows! So excited that I just have to bring one of you with me.

Here’s the deal — I’m flying one very special Walshie, over 18 years of age who lives in the continental US, to Arizona where they will join the show! All you have to do? Send me a video on what you want from a boyfriend this Christmas (or holiday, we’re all inclusive!).

Start your video with, “Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a boyfriend who…” and go from there. Fill out this form on and submit your video as a response to my own. I can’t wait to see it!

See you soon,



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