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Recruit your own fantasy football team

If your man is an avid fantasy football player, then you’ve probably spent many fall and winter months cursing your virtual competition. Unfortunately, fantasy football is here to stay. So as the adage goes, if you can’t beat him, join him. We asked the ladies behind to give us three ways that women can play fantasy football and still make it fun.

Woman holding football

By team colors

“I once chose a fantasy team based strictly on the colors of their uniforms and I beat every man in my office,” says Sutherland.

Which NFL team has the best looking uniforms? You be the judge. Recruit stylish players from the Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints and San Diego Chargers. Just make sure to stay far, far away from football fashion victims like the Cleveland Browns, Philadelphia Eagles and Oakland Raiders!

By attractiveness of players

Lena Sutherland and Jules Mancuso of While the Men Watch

Lena Sutherland and Jules Mancuso of

Use your fantasy football recruitment as a time to put in some research on the hottest players in the NFL. Sutherland and Mancuso say their number one draft pick in this category is Tom Brady, hands-down. They also recommend Tony Romo: “He has that boy-next-door look, but the fact that he was out there playing with a broken rib and punctured lung shows he’s a real man.” If you’re looking for someone a little scruffier, consider Matt Leinart of the Houston Texans. He may not be the best player on the field, but he’s definitely fun to watch.


Make your picks out of thin air and make a bet with your man. Every time he wins, he gets a fantasy fulfilled in the bedroom. Same goes for when you win. “Men are so into their man-crushes and fantasy football standings, but they’re wimps when it comes to sexual fantasies,” says Mancuso. Just have fun with it and you’ll both come out winners.


If you’re considering managing your own fantasy football team, be prepared for the draft. This is when league members cycle through and choose their players. It can take anywhere from three to five hours, so be prepared ladies!

Lena Sutherland and Jules Mancuso are co-hosts of a live sports talk show for women at Bored by having to put up with their sports-addicted husbands, Sutherland and Mancuso say they comment on anything that regular announcers don’t. From talking about the umpire’s ensemble to cheering for their boyfriend of the game, it’s not sports-bashing, but rather a fun, fresh take on watching sports that any woman can enjoy.

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