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Committed couples have better sex

As it turns out, monogamy isn’t synonymous with monotony after all. In fact, a recent study shows that the time American couples spend inside the bedroom – or outside, in some cases – may be more thrilling than pop culture is letting on. The survey of more than 3,000 American adults, conducted this summer by the experts at, in partnership with K-Y Brand, indicates that most couples are more than willing to get adventurous between the sheets.

Couple having sex

The survey says…

Top activities reported by the respondents include:

  • Using a lubricant during sex (80.1%)
  • Talking “dirty” during foreplay/sex (68.9%)
  • Incorporating a device (e.g. vibrator) into sex (61.3%)
  • Taking a chance of being seen or overheard (e.g. at a friend’s house) (60.7%)
  • Sharing fantasies with one another (56.4%)

We asked Good in Bed founder Dr. Ian Kerner about his thoughts on the survey results and how best to spice things up in the bedroom.



In a survey conducted earlier this summer, Kerner and the team at Good In Bed learned that nearly 50 percent of couples believe trying something new in the bedroom would help get them out of their sexy-time rut. With those results in mind, they wanted to know more about what this “something new” could be, which brought them to the new survey surrounding sexual adventurousness.

“We were intrigued to learn that many American couples not only engage in activities previously viewed as taboo, like talking dirty, incorporating a device and sharing fantasies just to name a few, but that the frequency of this behavior is linked to how satisfied the couples are in their relationship,” Kramer says. He adds that one of the most surprising findings was that women are more sexually adventurous than men.

Move over monotony

The idea that married or monogamous sex is boring is a myth, Kerner says: “I think the greatest take away from this survey is that monogamy isn’t monotonous at all.” Relationships aren’t easy, but if you put the effort into keeping passion alive, you’ll have a lot more fun. And by the looks of the survey results, couples are indeed putting in that effort.

“It was interesting to learn the time committed couples spend inside the bedroom is more thrilling than pop culture lets on, which is definitely a good thing,” he says. The study found that the longer you’re in a committed, long-term relationship, the more likely you are to engage in a variety of sexually adventurous activities. And the saucier you become, the more likely you are to be sexually satisfied and content in your relationship. So turn off the lights (or not) and get started!

Spiced up sex

If you feel your relationship needs a nudge where sexual satisfaction is concerned, Kerner says the first thing you need to do is start talking. “It may seem intimidating to share your desires between the sheets, but as this survey proves, your partner is ready and willing to make them happen – not only for your benefit, but for the benefit of the relationship overall.”

Turning up the spiciness can be as simple as keeping the lights on or frequenting a different room in the house. If you want to take it to the next level, try incorporating something new like lubricant or an arousal gel, or get things really going by talking dirty during foreplay. Oh, don’t forget the fail safe – wearing sexy lingerie. But make sure it’s something you feel comfortable and sexy in. Here’s to having more fun in the bedroom!

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