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What to say when: You first meet his friends

An evening spent with six guys in a bar may not sound like the most appealing way to spend a Friday, but if you want to spend more time with him, eventually you’re going to have to meet his friends. Here are some top tips on how to score a touchdown with his buddies.

Woman meeting boyfriend's friends

What to say when you first meet his friends

Although in reality, harmless flirting with your guy’s friends would probably do the trick, he’s not going to take too kindly to that, so you may have to rely on some of your other charms to win them over.

Get involved with the banter and don’t shy away from a few harmless jibes they may send in your direction — it’s all part of the initiation process, and as long as you don’t show yourself to be overly sensitive, you’ll soon find yourself invited out for another round of beers.

What to do when you first meet his friends

The only quality they’re going to be looking for in you is your ability to let loose and have some fun. Men aren’t preoccupied with worrying about whether or not you’re treating their buddy decently — they just appreciate a girl they can take out without her getting sloppy drunk and crying in the center of the dance floor.

Go out, handle your drink (if you can’t, then just switch to Coke halfway through the night without anyone noticing) and enjoy yourself — even if his best friend has been talking to your cleavage for most of the night.

What to avoid when you first meet his friends

Even though you might think they’ll appreciate you conversing with them on their level, you should know that no man enjoys discussing football with the fairer sex. Don’t try to use that minimal knowledge you gathered that time ESPN was on and you couldn’t find the remote, because the likelihood is that the only responses you’ll get are a few condescending tones of voices and a couple of sarcastic remarks.

You also mustn’t ever share potentially embarrassing stories about your man because it’s different for guys. Girl friends will (mostly) keep any information you tell them private, but guy friends are ruthless in their deconstruction of their buddies’ weak points, and by telling them about that thing he did that one time in the bedroom, you’re essentially signing his death warrant.

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