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Getting a woman’s attention

In this technology ridden society, people have forgotten some of the fundamentals when it comes to getting a girl’s attention. It’s not like it is in the movies where a guy walks up with a charming line and she forks over her number. Women are tougher than ever these days, and you’ll need some fresh moves to get their attention. I’m here to help with a tactic I call “R.A.F.” Ready, Aim, Fire.

Man and woman flirting at bar

Step 1: Ready

Your Look

Girls love fashion and style. It’s one of the first thing girls look at in a guy. Here’s a rule I live by: Keep it simple. Jeans (bought in the last 12 months) and a fitted button down is an easy look to pull off and most guys should be able to pull this off.

Regardless of what the commercials say, women don’t want to be overwhelmed by too much scent. A.K.A. Axe Body spray or massive amounts of cologne. So just be freshly showered and clean smelling. Make sure your breath is good too. No one wants to talk to a dragon.

Step 2: Aim

Targeting and Numbers

Know your number. Everyone would like to think they’re a 10. We’re not. So if you are an average looking chap (a 6 or so), don’t try getting a 10’s attention. It’s not going to work. Some easy math is this — our number plus 2. So if you are a 6, you can really only ever get a girl that’s an 8.

Step 3: Fire

Some fresh moves to get a girl’s attention

1Stop ‘N Chat

This one I call the “Stop ‘N Chat,” which is just perfect. It lines up like this. You see a cute girl at the bar ordering a drink. You walk up next to her and wait to order one, too. It’s that easy and you both immediately have something in common (both waiting to order a drink). Easy. The girl will always get to order before you, so say “you order and I’ll buy.” Now you’re teamed up with a common goal. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose. Pop your name once you’ve bought the drinks and then say, “I’m with some friends, you should come over and join us.”

2The Coffee Conundrum

Standing in line at Starbucks is the perfect time for a fun game. You ask her what she’s going to order. Then you tell her what you’re going to order (make sure it’s not drip coffee) and see whose drink comes out first. In fact, bet her a dollar yours is going to come out before hers. Who cares if you lose — you’re now invested in a game with this girl and chatting it up while the drinks are being made.

3The Drive Time Classic

This sounds tough but is a gold move. Have you ever been stuck in traffic and seen a cute girl? You smile, she smiles and then you speed off. This moment doesn’t have to end. Before you get in the car, take a note card and write in bold, black felt pen “I think you’re cute, call me XXX-XXX-XXXX.” Then when you see a cute girl parked, pretend you are writing it out (it comes off creepy if you just have it) and flash it at her with a thumbs up. I love this move and it works. I once had a girl call me right away and we chatted during my whole commute.

4The Upgrade Card

Ever been at a bar and seen a cute girl with a douche bag guy? Is he wearing TapOut Gear or Ed Hardy? Then write this on a cocktail napkin: “This is an upgrade card. Please use it to call (enter your name) because you can do way better than the guy you’re with. Call XXX-XXX-XXXX to get in on this limited time offer.” Discreetly pass it to her when he’s in the bathroom. Be warned that this is a dangerous one, but it 100 percent got her attention.

5The Shopping Cart Race

The supermarket at 7:30 p.m. is prime time for cute girls shopping for food. Many will be coming from work, but some (your target) are in cute Lululemon workout clothes. They’re sweaty and feel gross, but they’re open to a guy chatting them up. Pull your cart up to a girl shopping, get it right next to hers and then ask her if she’d like to race. Winner pays for the groceries in the basket. Trust me. It’s adorable and she’ll giggle. You can then introduce yourself and ask her for her number. “Maybe I can call you sometime and we can talk about racing techniques” works miracles. I’ve used this five times and four times (one was married!) it has gotten me a number.

6The Dance Man

Girls love to dance. This is an easy place to get her attention, but most American men don’t dance or are too concerned with what their pals will think. You are missing a MASSIVE opportunity. If you do venture out on the dance floor, be sure to have a partner in mind. No girl likes to see the lone wolf/solo dancing guy — it’s sad. So pick your target, make sure you have your moves and get in and dance with her. Some tips: No wild moves, no break dancing, no robot and please never fist pump Jersey Shore style. Make eye contact with her, smile, swoop in and don’t be afraid to dance it out.

So follow the R.A.F. rules and use some of these time tested, back to basic GOLD moves to get a girl’s attention. Before you know it, you’ll be swimming in a sea of lady parts in no time.

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