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5 Celebrity dream girls

Every guy on earth has his own “Hump Island,” meaning if he ever became stranded on an island, he’d know which five women he’d like to be there with him. We all think that these five women are somehow all going to get along and sex you up constantly, but that’s beside the point. Here are my top five celebrity dream girls and why we love them.

1Mila Kunis

If you say her name dramatically it sounds like a horrible disease, but I assure you this pint-sized pixie is a top pick. Mila Kunis has played roles in romantic comedies that are reality-driven. Just go see Friends With Benefits where she’s awesome, confident, sexy and someone you’d like to spend an afternoon with braiding her hair and telling her stories. Wait, what? And that’s why she’s my number one pick for a celebrity dream girl.

Photo credit: Adriana M. Barraza/

Mila Kunis

2Emma Stone

The word stunning doesn’t do Emma Stone justice. Funny, smart and have you seen Easy A? Her dancing and singing Pocket Full of Sunshine tops out on my list of sexy, dorky and, yes, still very sexy moments. Guys want girls who seem approachable and she takes the cake.

Photo credit:

Emma Stone

3Blake Lively

While I’m not a massive Gossip Girl fan, I will say I tune in to see what Blake Lively is wearing week to week. She exudes a carefree sexiness that puts her on the dream girl list without a doubt. She’s stylish and has an amazing rack — yeah I just said that. I adore her beauty mark under her eye that is reminiscent of a younger Cindy Crawford. She used to date Leonardo Dicaprio and, let’s face it, that guy knows how to pick hot trim.

Photo credit: Anthony Dixon/

Blake Lively

4Kaley Cuoco

She seems like she’d be a very girl-next-door type in real life. Her role as Penny on Big Bang Theory showcases the classic hot girl with a heart of gold. Kaley Cuoco‘s sexy, yet she doesn’t have to flaunt it. I’d like to see her in some more movie roles, and, to be honest, some Maxim-style shoots, too! She’s a classic beauty and a definite top pick.

Photo credit: DJDM /

Kaley Cuoco

5Sofia Vergara

One word: Boobage. She’s the ultimate Amazon woman — the strong experienced cougar that all men desire. Sofia Vergara‘s body has curves in all the right places and you can only imagine what she’d look like in a bikini…wait, I just did. Her role on Modern Family lets her be silly and vulnerable, but we all know there’s a sassy sex pot behind closed doors.

Photo credit: FayesVision/

Sofia Vergara

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