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New Year’s snack resolutions

There’s no better time than New Year’s to kickstart a healthy eating plan. Don’t just focus on mealtime, though – snacking is a huge part of the American lifestyle, so make a few snack resolutions to help you reach your healthy-eating goals.

Woman eating apple in office

1Track your snacks

Maybe you grab a handful of M&Ms as you walk by a coworker’s desk , or you work your way through a bag of chips while watching your favorite sitcom – snacks often fall into the void of mindless eating. It’s nothing to beat yourself up about – everyone’s done it at some point – but it is something you need to get a handle on. Start your New Year off right by tracking your snack habits for at least two weeks. Write down every single thing you put in your mouth, along with the portion size. Before long you’ll start noticing “snack traps” that throw your healthy eating plan off track. Once you identify the areas that trip you up, you can come up with a game plan for making healthier choices.

2Fit in five

One of the best ways to increase your fruit and veggie intake is to snack on fruits and veggies – but, when you’re hit with a snack craving at 3:00 in the afternoon, chances are you won’t turn to an apple for sustenance. To make sure you’re consuming at least five fruit and veggie servings each day, you need to make a resolution to plan your snacks around these foods. Here are a few resolution ideas to help you follow through:

  • Always keep a piece of fresh fruit in your purse, at your desk and in your car
  • Keep cut veggies front-and-center on your fridge’s main shelf for easy access
  • If you want to eat chips, choose corn chips topped with fresh salsa
  • Top your yogurt with fresh berries
  • Heat up vegetable soup for a quick afternoon snack

If you find that part of your problem is that you never seem to have fruits and veggies on hand, consider signing up for a fruit and vegetable delivery service. Many farmer’s markets offer delivery co-ops for a $30 to $50 weekly fee – but if you don’t have a farmer’s market nearby, consider signing up for The FruitGuys TakeHome delivery service. Starting at $28.00 per week, you can have fresh organic fruits and veggies delivered directly to your doorstep – so you’ll never have an excuse for skipping these important foods.

3Snack sense-ibly

When you’re hungry, it’s easy to scarf down a snack without taking the time to really enjoy what you’re eating. Not only does this make eating less fun, it wreaks havoc on your healthy eating plan. Your senses actually help your body recognize fullness while triggering satisfaction. If you’re not giving your body the chance to recognize these cues, you may end up overeating or feeling hungry shortly after snacking. When you eat a snack, resolve to slow down in order to enjoy the smell, taste and texture of the food. You may be surprised at how much this type of mindful eating helps you regulate your hunger.

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