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How to leave him wanting more

In a world where most of us men like to begin and end our relationships between the sheets following a long night at the bar, it’s important that you don’t wake up to find an empty space next to you in the bed, and an empty fridge as the only evidence of us ever being there. Follow these tips and rest assured you’ll have us carrying your enormous frikkin’ purse in no time.

how to leave your guy wanting more

Dress sexy

There is a big difference between dressing sexy and dressing sleazy. Men would never introduce a raunchy girl to their families — we want a classy lady to take home to mom. So if you want to wear a hot bustier, ditch the mini-skirt and pair it with jeans. Don’t get us wrong, we love your legs in a short skirt. But if you want to show them off, wear a shirt that leaves something to the imagination. To put it simply: show legs OR cleavage, not both.

Talk Dirty

There is nothing hotter than a few suggestive whispers from an attractive woman. We love it when you give us a little something to look forward to — like seeing you in new lingerie or finding that mystery spot where you just might want to get a tiny tattoo. But save the graphic dirty talk for the bedroom — say too much before we get you there and we’ll think you’re easy. So you can kiss any thoughts of “happily ever after” goodbye.

Don’t give it all up

If we’ve just started dating, don’t give it up right away if you want us to respect you. Cut us off during a steamy make-out session and you will leave us dying to see you again. Why? Because we’ll know that you respect yourself – and our potential future together – enough to not give it up on the first date. We like that (and hate it at the same time). And it usually ensures that we’ll call you for another date.

Be a little mysterious

At the beginning of getting to know you, we’re not ready to take in every single detail of your life. Be a little vague and mysterious about yourself to entice us into asking a few questions. But don’t lie. And never ever bring up your old boyfriends unless we specifically ask for the facts. But if we don’t ask those getting-to-know-you questions — run.

Leave us tingling on the doorstep

One single move can make us melt at the end of the night if you do it right. Brush up against us, slowly whisper something – anything – in our ear. Then walk away. We’ll be tempted to ring the bell for our next date before you’ve even closed the door.

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