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5 Sex cravings men have

Don’t judge us, ladies — but men have a nearly insatiable craving for sex. So to keep the spark alive (or to ignite one!), check out our top five list of sexual cravings men have.

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5Hands-On in the car

Sure, it may sound juvenile, but a little below-the-waist hands-on action in the car after a hot date kind of reminds us of high school. In a good way.


sex after a steamy work out sesh

You may not think you look sexy when your hair is a little wet from sweat and your cheeks are flushed from an intense cardio session — but we love the look. Why? It reminds us how you look after a hot sack session! So let go of your post-gym inhibitions and give us the sweaty session we’re craving!

3Girl-initiated sex

C’mon, ladies! Guys hate to always be the one to make the first move. We like it when your primal instincts take over. Remember, guys don’t need storybook perfection to get it on — just surprise us by jumping our bones every now and then. Don’t get us wrong — we love our scheduled sex. But give the routine a kick in the pants once in a while with some unexpected sex. Or simply spice up the routine with a new spot, a new time (like morning!), or a new position.

2Morning sex

If you want some inspiration on when to jump the aforementioned bones, morning is ideal. Nothing starts the day off better than some morning lovin’. Instead of startling us out of a deep sleep, start with some gentle massaging or a light back scratch and before you know it we’ll be up and ready to roll… around with you!

1Make-up sex

I screwed up. You screwed up. It doesn’t matter who’s at fault. Either way, we’re not screwing. If you want us to say we’re sorry, there’s no better way than to promise us some make-up sex.

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