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Body language: What he’s saying (without actually saying it)

Men and women may have different definitions of body language…so let’s focus on yours for just a moment. Most guys, at least the ones worth dating, come with a certain amount of social awkwardness around women. So here’s what our actions are saying for us when our tongues are tied.

reading his body language

1Eye contact

Across the bar, in the produce aisle, waiting for coffee at the local Starbuck’s – wherever it may be… you’ve caught our eye. Once we’ve noticed you, we want you to notice us. So, a guy will usually use his eyes to capture your attention… while trying hard not to look like a crazed stalker. If we lock eyes with you, we are usually trying to get a feel for whether or not we should make the next move. Which means we are definitely into you.

2Get a little closer

In real estate it’s all about location, location, location. This same rule applies to how close our bodies are while flirting. Once we notice you, our first instinct is to get as close to you as we can – again, trying not to act like a stalker. In our minds, we’re giving you the chance to size us up and maybe even give us a little body language of your own (hint: we love a big smile, a subtle wink, or even just a plain old hello from a beautiful lady). If we move in closer before introducing ourselves, we’re definitely interested.


Believe it or not, us guys can actually get a little shy or nervous when it comes to hitting on a hot number. So if you see us fidgeting or shuffling around uncomfortably while we’re chatting, take it as a sign that we’re into you. And if you really want to put a nervous dude at ease, gently touch his shoulder, his arm, or — if you’re really bold (and yes, we like that!) — his knee.

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