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What your man’s vehicle says about him

Admit it, there’s something about a revving engine that gets you excited. No, not even a little? Well okay, because my Ferrari’s in the shop right now. What? Ferrari’s are only driven by self-absorbed guys? You’ve got me there, but I’ve also driven enough cars in my life to be able to give you a little insight into exactly what your man’s car says about him and his relationship potential.

what your man's car says about him

Let’s face it: we know that women often judge men by the cars we drive. We realize that our vehicle gives the ladies clues about our income, but our car choice reveals a whole lot more than that. Most men think they’re just picking a car they love — but women can get some ideas about our lifestyle and personality just by checking out our wheels!


This is the “big daddy” catagory. We like the power, size and amount of space it provides. And we aren’t worried about depleting fossil fuels, either. This may not be an environmentally-friendly choice, but we love the presence it gives us on the highway. Nobody is going to push us around. These are take-charge vehicles driven by the take-charge type of guy.


Honestly, no single guy would willingly choose to drive a minivan. This vehicle is a better sign that we’re wearing a wedding ring. Or we’re still borrowing our mom’s car.


Luxury and performance. A guy who owns one of these babies wants precision driving, but still cares about status. We love these vehicles for their responsiveness and prestige — and are willing to sacrifice big bucks to get it. Men who buy sedans in these brands are more conservative and conventional. If we opt for the convertible option, consider us more of a free spirit.


Truck owners are practical and down-to-earth. Count on us to be around when something needs to be done… or picked up and hauled. The truck-owning man isn’t into appearances — we care more about getting things done.


This car screams responsible. Toyota Prius owners are environmentally aware, but beware — we may be a little bit smug about it. The Prius also operates at low cost, so men who choose this car are most likely frugal.


Subaru men are rugged and athletic. We love our sports — skiing, boarding, surfing, biking, you name it. Women who don’t love to rough it in the great outdoors should steer clear of a man driving a Subaru!

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