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6 Signs he’s into you

As men, we like to play it cool with the ladies. No mushy voicemails, no sonnet-worthy text messages. We’re trying really hard not to call our manhood into question, after all. But let’s face it, women are clearly the smarter sex and we can’t play it cool for long. There are a few signature tells you can always catch us on.

6 signs he is interested

As men, we don’t like to be too obvious — but we signal our feelings by the way we treat a woman. Women are more verbal than men and often have an easier time expressing their emotions. Men prefer to show women just how important they are through actions. So how do you know how we’re feeling towards you? Pay attention to what we do!

1we Value your opinion

If we ask for your opinion and really listen to what you have to say, realize how important you are. We value your intelligence as well as your wonderful curves.

2we Do things your way

We’ll try to please you by doing things your way– from letting you choose a “chick flick” when we’d prefer a movie with car chases and explosions, to taking a walk on the beach instead of playing rugby with our pals. If we were alone, we’d choose differently. But we’re willing to do it your way in return for time spent with you.

3we Ask what you need

We want to satisfy and please you. Being a generous lover means that our first concern is your pleasure. Longer foreplay? Post-coital cuddles? If it makes you happy, it works for us.

4we show you off

When we proudly introduce you to our friends, family and co-workers, you can be sure that we’re really into you. These are the people we see often and love most. Welcoming you to our inner circle is no small compliment in a relationship.

5we Meet your nearest and dearest

When we want to get to know your family and your best girlfriends, it’s a signal that we want to know a lot more about you. This is your posse and it’s a big deal when we want to join it!

6we love you just The way you are

You’re beautiful to us when you’re all dolled up. You turn us on dressed for the office. And we think you’re gorgeous first thing in the morning with bed-head and no makeup. We even think you’re hot when you have a cold and are acting grumpy. We love you just the way you are!

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