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What to say when: He finally calls

So you gave a guy your phone number. But now, it’s been 48 hours, he hasn’t called you yet and you’re thinking, “He must not really like me. I know I should have worn that red dress with the extra cleavage. Maybe he thinks I’m fat. Did he think my laugh was annoying?”

Woman waiting for phone to ring

Wait, before you cause an emotional avalanche and go tumbling off the sanity cliff, please understand that men view calling a girl back as an art form. Many analytical and mathematical computations go into how and when to make that call. So, chill out — we’re going to call. And if we don’t, it’s probably because we somehow managed to lose your number.

What to say when he finally calls

Be cheerful and engaging. Believe it or not — we’re more nervous than you are when we make that call. Men will take any type of hesitation or awkward silence as a sign that you aren’t interested. When in doubt, just keep talking and act like you’re in a good mood. Once we’re comfortable, we’ll be ready to make the next move.

What to do when he finally calls

If we call you, that means we want to see you. If we’re having trouble getting the courage to arrange the date, we won’t hold it against you if you help out. In fact, we’d appreciate it. We won’t think you’re a slut just because you suggested to meet at the movie theater to see that new romantic comedy.

What to avoid when he finally calls

First of all, don’t ask why it took us so long to call. More than just sounding desperate, we’ll figure out right away that you’re a possessive nag. It’s also a bad idea to play it too cool. Men don’t want to feel like they have to breathe life into a relationship even before it gets off the ground.

Before you start analyzing what we think and what the future holds, at least wait until the first date. Then you can start reading his body language and trying to figure out what makes him tick.

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