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How to keep his interest

George Troy

Look, we’re not all that difficult to please. You’re far better looking than we are (men and women both know that, so no one’s fooled). However, just because we’re way overmatched doesn’t mean you can just coast through this relationship. We have needs, too – outside of football and couch-time, of course! Here are just a few things to keep in mind.

Woman whispering in man's ear

Good news, it’s pretty easy!

Keeping a man’s interest isn’t really that difficult. Men are like puppy dogs — a little affection on a regular basis goes a long way. But, as much as guys hate to admit it, they are also insecure. Guys can’t believe they landed someone like you and are certain you’ll come to your senses any day now. Showing your guy you’re still interested puts his mind at ease, and also makes him think of ways to show you how interested he is in you.

1Surprise us

Whether it’s a little love note slipped into his briefcase or new, sexy lingerie, men like to be surprised. It doesn’t even have to be about sex — though of course he won’t complain if it leads to that — just show him you care. Maybe it’s a last-minute reservation to his favorite restaurant or tickets to the big game. Big or small, a surprise goes a long way.

2Appreciate us

Whatever the guy in your life does to help out or make your life a little easier, let him know. If he’s a dad who handles diaper duty while on a conference call for work, or a partner who vacuums without complaining, shout it to the rooftops, ladies — and make sure he hears you!

3Learn about things we like

If you don’t know the difference between the Red Sox and the Red Wings, learn. Men don’t expect you to be as interested, but showing a little interest in what we like will only help. For every episode of Grey’s Anatomy we watch and pretend to be interested in, watch a football game. We know you probably don’t care as much, but sitting with us on the couch at the same time is cool.

4Yeah, sexy is good

Especially if you’ve been in a relationship with your guy for some time, it’s easy to let yourself go. Now, that’s not always a bad thing. Being comfortable with your hair in a ponytail and sleeping in your comfortable, old, ratty t-shirt and sweats is okay. But while he thinks you’re beautiful no matter what, he also likes when you bring your sexy back! A candle, new lingerie and maybe even a toy will keep him interested for a long, long time.

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