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Lingerie: What guys say about your sexy nightwear

Lingerie: Is it a good investment or a waste of money? Read on to find out what guys really think about your sexy nightwear.

Woman wearing lingerie

Women know that men are visual creatures. But is it worth it to shell out tons of money for sexy lingerie, or are you better off just prancing around in your birthday suit? It depends on the man, but for most guys, you can’t go wrong with a sexy little outfit or two.

Just for him

Yes, you’re putting it on just so he can take it off, but it’s really the same principle as wrapping paper. It’s all about the anticipation of removing the lingerie. When you dress up in something sexy, it’s like a present from you to him. He’ll know that you picked out the lingerie just for him, and he’ll know you put it on to please him. That makes him feel like a million bucks.

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Lingerie makes it special

You’re busy, and so is he. Some days, it’s hard enough to squeeze in a quickie, let alone make it a big production. When you put on a piece of sexy lingerie, it makes the sex feel like an event and not an afterthought. It doesn’t have to be every time, but every now and then, lingerie is a nice touch.

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What it does to you

You probably don’t realize this, but one of your guy’s favorite things about lingerie is what it does to you. When you put on a piece of sexy lingerie, you feel sexy and feminine — and it’s obvious. That confidence is hot and makes him want you even more. Slip into something that makes you feel awesome and strut your stuff. That’s a gift in itself.

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What type should you pick?

The possibilities are endless. Some men like a woman to dress up naughty in leather and lace. Others like a more innocent silk cami with matching bikini underwear. Some guys are a sucker for G-strings and see-through bras, while others would rather you not be so revealing. All it takes for some fellas is a matching set of skivvies. Find out what your man wants. Browse catalogs and websites together, then buy something similar to what he points out. Better yet — go shopping together for lingerie. The trip itself will be like an afternoon of foreplay, so don’t be surprised if you don’t get around to putting it on when you get home. Don’t worry – you can save it for another day.

Put something sexy on under your clothes in the morning and give your man a peak. You’ll both spend the day anticipating a night together.

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