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Pre-gaming: What he wants in foreplay

Think he’s all about the wham, bam, thank you, ma’am? You couldn’t be more wrong. Men love foreplay just as much as women. Read on to find out what he wants from you before he gets to the main course.

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Alright ladies, time to bust a man myth — it’s not just about getting you in bed. While this goes against everything you’ve ever known about men, it’s true! Guys love — and need — good foreplay. It leads to better sex for both men and women, and let’s face it, it’s also a lot of fun! So, what do guys want from the pre-game?

1Let him see you

Men are visual creatures. He loves your bod and wants to see it as much as possible. Let him watch you undress, and maybe even put on a little strip-tease show. Watching what you’re doing and seeing you enjoy yourself is a huge turn on — so, if you do one thing for us, leave the lights on.

2Kiss him like you mean it

Men like to be kissed. Not just the “Have a nice day, honey” peck you send him away with each morning. More like the “I’ve gotta have you now,” passionate lip lock. Kiss him hard, and with your whole body. Press against him, grab his butt, touch his face and pull his hair while kissing him. Guys love it when a woman’s kiss tells him exactly what she’s thinking about doing to him.

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3Love us all over

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all about his member. Yes, the penis is his number one erogenous zone, but the rest of his body likes to get in on the act, too. Start your man off with a massage, then stroke his chest with your nails and nibble his earlobes. Surprise him with touches, grabs and pinches from head to toe. You’ll be surprised at what makes him moan the loudest.

4Take charge

There’s nothing sexier than a woman who knows what she wants in bed. Make the first move. Tell him what you want him to do. Better yet, show him what you want him to do. Don’t be afraid to move his hand, or his whole body, to where you want it. Get on top. Be a little ballsy — your man will love it.

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5Play rough

Guys are not delicate flowers. Men like to be manhandled. We’re not talking about being slapped around (although some men do find that move irresistible), but many guys enjoy a little force. Put on the pressure when you massage him, and grab a hold of him with all you’ve got. Don’t worry, he’s strong enough to take it, and he loves that you know that.

6Talk dirty

When guys say women talk too much, they don’t mean in bed. Not only do guys want to see you, but they also want to hear you. Tell him what you want, and throw in a dirty phrase every now and then. Don’t worry about being too raunchy — he’ll win that game every time. Don’t be afraid to moan and make some noise, too. It tells him he’s doing something right, and that’s the best sound in the world.

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Start the foreplay hours early. Send him a sexy text or email while he’s at work. He’ll spend the whole day anticipating his evening with you.

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