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Your man’s texts decoded: What he’s really saying 2 u

A misinterpreted text message from us can often lead to a sleepless night spent worrying about “what we REALLY meant.” And we guys have frankly had it with all the relationship disasters stemming from what we did or didn’t say over text. So we’re gonna throw you a bone here and make it easy on you, ladies. Think of this is a cheat sheet for all of our LOLs, smiley faces, and beyond.

Nervous woman texting

Decoding confusing texts from your boyfriend

Guys aren’t always the best about communicating. Sometimes it’s easier for him to do it by text message or email — but that doesn’t mean you’ll receive the message loud and clear. Here are some tips to help decode confusing texts from your man.

“I’ll be late. Call you later.”

We know women hate text messages that don’t have all the details, however that doesn’t stop us from pressing send. If you have been trying to contact your man over and over again, only to finally get a short, obligatory response, don’t start freaking out. The most likely explanation is that we are in the middle of something (like watching the game or finishing a work project) and don’t have time for a long, drawn out conversation. Don’t follow up with a bunch of questioning messages — just chill out and wait for us to get back to you. And don’t start creating scenarios in your head about how we are cheating on you.


One word replies are simple enough for the man, but make women crazy. You ask him something super important and you get a one word answer like “Sure.” Emoticons and punctuation aside, it’s often difficult to read his emotions on a text. Don’t assume that he’s not excited about what you asked him just because he replied with “Sure” or “Fine.” Also, don’t think that his “Sure” is sarcastic. He very well could just have nothing more to say at the moment… yes, it can be as simple as that.

“I wish you were here.”

You are thinking: “Aww… he’s on a business trip and he misses me.” Yes, he misses you and he’s thinking about you, but more than likely, he’s missing having sex with you. Take it as a compliment and call him up for a little phone sex. Something is better than nothing when you are apart.

Decoding vague texts from a new man

If you have a new man in your life, it could be even more difficult to decode his texts. If you’ve only gone out once or twice (or maybe haven’t even made it to the first date), these tips could help you figure out what he’s trying to say:

“What’s your week looking like?”

If a man sends a text fishing for what you are up to this week, he wants to ask you out — he just doesn’t want to get rejected. Send a text making it clear that you are available and interested (if in fact you want to see him). Something as simple as, “I’d be up for hanging out on Friday” will give him the green light.

“I’m not feeling well. We’ll have to do it another time.”

Honestly, if we really, really like you, there aren’t many illnesses that will keep us away. Therefore, we could be blowing you off to go hang out with another woman. We could just want to go hang out with the boys. And yes, we could actually be sick. If you really want to find out the scoop, offer to drop by his apartment and bring him your famous homemade chicken soup. If he’s fibbing, he’ll have to think up a Plan B… or come clean.

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