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What your man’s decorating style says about him

A man’s home is his sanctuary, and you could learn a surprising amount about him just by analyzing his choice of decor (or lack thereof). Is he cool-yet-penniless or stylish-yet-effeminate? Read on to find out what his decorating style reveals about him.

Bachelor pad


Does your boyfriend’s apartment look like he shops at the flea market? Layers of vintage furniture, quirky accessories and other unique pieces from various time periods can be eclectic and cool — or just messy and unstable. If your boyfriend’s place looks cool and lived-in, his vintage decorating style reflects his personality well. He’s comfortable with himself, even if he marches to a different drum. If his place is full of mismatched, dirty stuff that he picked up at garage sales, his bookshelves are made from milk crates, and he has lawn chairs in his living room, then he’s probably just poor.


His place features clean lines, urban styling and a minimalistic contemporary look. If your man’s design style is more about style than comfort, it could be a sign that he’s pretentious and superficial. If his place is nice, but a bit dull and uncomfortable, spice things up by adding some colorful elements. Buy him a piece of art or something else to add some contrast.


He has gorgeous furniture — delicate pieces, luxurious fabrics and soft colors. The sophisticated blend of Old World elements, Art Deco pieces and jeweled accessories is absolutely stunning. Wait… is this Charlotte from Sex and the City‘s apartment or your boyfriend’s? It’s great when your man knows a thing or two about decorating, but unless a professional designer put together his place, you should be worried. We aren’t saying without a doubt that your man is gay, but you should start looking for other signs.

4Cozy traditional

He has a big, cozy couch in his living room that is oh so comfy, yet isn’t an eyesore. Somehow, he’s found that balance between stylish and comfortable. His place is warm and inviting — just like him. The pieces are low maintenance and so is he. It takes some talent to pull off a laidback decorating style that is relaxing and casual without being too sloppy. He sounds like a keeper.

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