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4 Reasons you shouldn’t ditch your friends for a guy

It’s safe to say that every woman has lost a friend either temporarily or permanently over a guy. There’s just something about new relationships that causes some women to suddenly forget all their gal pals. But before you lose one of your BFFs, take a look at our top four reasons you shouldn’t ditch your friends for a guy. Trust us, you’ll thank us later!

Woman choosing boyfriend over friend

The Golden Rule

The rule hasn’t changed since your parents taught it to you when you were little, ladies: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. And think about it, would you really want your friends to ditch you if they got a guy? Odds are no, so try to think about their feelings before jeopardizing your friendship.

They might not forgive you

Chances are, you might break up with that new, fabulous guy. But when/if that happens, your girlfriends might not be around to help you get through the breakup. Friends can only have so much patience and be burned so many times before they just start to give up. And if you continuously make it a habit of ditching your friends for a new guy, your gal pals might eventually just give up on you.

Your friendship could change

If you’re lucky enough to have friends who stick with you through your negligence, you’re luckier than many people. But even if your friend sticks around, the friendship is bound to change in at least a small way. Friends are humans, and humans get hurt, so your friend might become a bit more distant now, or she might’ve even gotten closer with another friend in your absence.

Nothing beats time with the girls

No matter how great your new guy is and how happy he makes you, remember one thing: Nothing can replace the bond you have with your female friends. Our girlfriends understand and support us in a way that most men can’t and it’s important to maintain a balance between girl and guy time.

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