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Simple ways to snack smart

Hitting that afternoon slump? Healthy snacking can help you avoid overeating at meals and keep you satisfied so you can stay focused and energized. Avoid the cookie jar and opt for a healthier snack with these simple ways to snack smart!

Woman eating cereal with nuts

1Energizing snacks

Keep blood sugar levels in check between meals with energizing snacks like raw nuts and popcorn. Popcorn is low in calories and has zero grams of trans fat per serving. Plus, it’s delish! Sprinkle a little sodium-free seasoning or low-fat shredded cheese on top for a tasty afternoon treat.

For an easy-to-grab snack on those busy days, whip up a low-calorie trail mix. Add in a serving of popcorn to bulk up your trail mix without adding lots of calories or fat. Try Kettle Corn or Spicy Nacho popcorn – both new from Orville Redenbacher – for fun flavor twists!

Love to bake? Try these easy and energizing trail mix cookies. Whip up a batch over the weekend so you are ready to snack smart when the busy week arrives. For more ideas, check out our list of top 10 foods that keep you energized.

Fill small plastic containers or baggies with single servings to help you avoid over-snacking.

2Fill up with fiber

No one wants to eat a snack that leaves them hungry minutes later. Opt for foods full of fiber, and you’ll stay full until your next meal. Why? Because it takes your body longer to digest fiber than it does to digest sweet, sugary snacks. So pass up the candy bar for fresh fruits, raw nuts, popcorn and cereal.

Add seeds or nuts to smoothies, yogurt or cereal to sneak even more fiber into your favorite snacks. One serving of low-fat yogurt topped with two tablespoons of nuts is only 150 calories. Or try jazzing up a side salad with dried cranberries and granola for an extra boost of filling fiber.

Check out more fiber-full food ideas >>

3Pack in the Protein

Snacks high in protein will keep energy levels high until dinnertime. The general guidelines for protein consumption recommend 46 grams for women aged 19-70 and 56 grams for men aged 19-70. To up your protein and stay full between meals, snack smart with these protein-packed options:

Watch: How to make homemade granola bars

Low-cal, low-fat, high-fiber granola bars! These healthy bars are the perfect snack – with no preservatives and plenty of good stuff all in one bar. Make them your own by adding in whatever healthy ingredient you enjoy!

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