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Elisabetta Canalis reveals her unwanted weight loss

Like many Dancing with the Stars contestants before her, Elisabetta Canalis lost a lot of weight from her intense rehearsal schedule. The only problem is, she wasn’t trying to!

elisabetta burned calories by getting groovy

Elisabetta Canalis has always been in great shape. But after training for Dancing with the Stars the super fit actress/host is actually having to fight to keep the weight on.

“I’m not working out,” she told SheKnows (besides the training). “People, especially from Italy are telling me, ‘Why are you losing so much weight? You’re not eating.’ I’m eating much more than usual. People don’t believe it, but I’m burning a lot of calories.”

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the dwts total body transformation

We’ve seen this play out before with actresses like Kirstie Alley, Marie Osmond, and Kelly Osbourne. In their cases though, they welcomed the weight loss.

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“I’ve never done this kind of training before,” Elisabetta told us. “I’m starving all day long.”

Unfortunately, between her six hour a day training schedule, talk show appearances, and interviews like this one, she didn’t have much time to eat.

“We don’t have much time to cook lunch or dinner, so sometimes we just have a sandwich,” she told us. “It’s hard.”

Diet and fitness pre-show

Elisabetta told us she kept in shape before the show just by staying active and eating healthy. “I’m very athletic,” she said. “I love sports. I’m never on a diet regimen. I love food. When I’m not on the show, I eat a lot of protein and carbs.”

Elisabetta says her favorite activity is horseback riding.

“I did ten years of horseback riding,” she told us. “It’s a really good workout. It’s my first passion in my life. I think right after this show, I will come back to horseback riding.”

Now that DWTS is over for her, we definitely think she should get back in the saddle, in more ways than one!

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