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5 Body flaws that are beautiful

You’re not perfect — no one is — and that’s beautiful. Even those women you see in movies and magazines have been airbrushed, lifted, made up and padded until they fit a certain ideal. Your body was ideal from the moment you were born. You have legs that are strong and can carry you far. You have arms that can lift barbells and babies. You are beautiful. Here are five body “flaws” that are actually supremely cute.

Woman with gap in teeth

1A strong nose

Whether it’s crooked, big or straight, a strong nose can define a face. It would be easy for celebrities like Lady Gaga to head straight to the plastic surgeon for a smaller, more conventionally pretty nose, but the ‘Gags knows that she was born this way.

A strong nose gives the face uniqueness. Celebrities can have their surgically sculpted button noses, but going natural can give you a serious self-confidence boost. You don’t have to resort to surgery to be the most beautiful you.

2Big hips

Biologically speaking, the hip-to-waist ratio determines a woman’s baby-carrying ability. Therefore, a small waist and contrastingly larger hips are not only beautiful, but desired. For decades, skinny models walking down runways have told women that, to be beautiful, you must be a walking hanger. Odds are, your man believes something entirely different. Hips are sexy.

3Small breasts

For the flat-chested, seeing celebs like Kim Kardashian and Scarlett Johansson revered as buxom beauties can mean a hit to self-confidence. Big-breasted ladies have been put on pedestals since the dawn of time — but actually, some men prefer women with small breasts. After all, they’re perky, cute and don’t sag as easily over time. Women with large breasts also suffer back pain. Being able to run without pain is reason enough to appreciate your small breasts.

4A tooth out of place

When you smile, no one should be taken aback by how perfectly straight, bright white and impossibly even your teeth are. That just doesn’t look human. A couple out-of-place teeth aren’t detrimental to your overall look, and they can give your face character. Stop hiding your smile. Smile big and strong without regard to what other people might think. Odds are, they think you’re pretty cute.

5Skin that’s “too light” or “too dark”

Pale and dark-skinned girls alike go to great lengths to look like the bronzed ladies on TV, but those extreme skin hues are actually quite pretty. You won’t see the same kind of tanned women on runways as you do in men’s magazines. Embrace your uniqueness and don’t torture your skin to look like anyone but exactly who you are.

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