How to be your biggest fan

Maintaining a healthy level of self-confidence can be difficult. Exposure to mass media’s societal pressures can make you feel like you’re not the woman you should be. Really, though, the only woman you should be is yourself. Here are a few ways to become your biggest fan.

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1Stop trying to measure up

The only person you have to compete with is yourself. Rather than looking to celebrities for an example of how to be the “perfect woman,” look within. You’re never going to be Angelina Jolie, but you’re always going to be you. Try to be a better you each day. Shut off the TV and start with a little introspection.

2Focus on what you’ve accomplished

If you’re like most women, you’re probably way too hard on yourself. Give yourself a little pep talk each day. You might not be where you ultimately want to be in life, but focus on where you are. Would another person look to your life in envy? Do you have a beautiful family? A successful work life? A killer fashion sense? Hold your head high knowing what cards you hold.

3Do the things you always said you would

Everyone has those far-out dreams that seem like they can’t be achieved with such little spare time — but they can. If you make the time to take up a new, interesting hobby, the satisfaction of a job well done is a tremendous way to gain self-confidence. Finally take the time to learn to sew, go hiking, take that class, or do some other activity you’ve always wanted to try.

4Work out

Have you ever had an endorphin high? A good workout helps your mood, your health and your body. Plus, you feel fantastic the next day. Everything just seems a little bit better when you realize your body isn’t made of glass. You’re a strong, stable creature, and your body can do amazing things when given the opportunity. Use it.

5Dress how you feel

Often we resort to the ol’ jeans and baggy t-shirt because it’s simple snf quick and everyone else is doing it. A new, fashionable outlook on your wardrobe can give you a whole new level of self-confidence. You might not think you’re the dress type, but trying new things with your style can lead to a serious change-up in how you feel about yourself. Go find that perfectly tailored pair of trousers and rock it. You’re not the new you; you’re the improved you.

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