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10 Possible wedding dilemmas

Ashley Gain

When you’re planning a wedding, it’s best to expect the unexpected. Little last minute issues can always pop up, but if you plan ahead, you can prevent many of them. Here, we share some tips for planning for the unexpected, straight from an expert wedding planner.

Bride on wedding day in the rain


Think about the time of year your wedding will take place and consider the weather complications that could come with it. If rain is in the forecast, be safe and put a tent on hold. For impending tropical storms, make sure you have a secondary location so you and your guests will be safe.


Staying sober on your wedding day keeps you in control and constantly aware of your surroundings. After all of the time, money and energy you have spent on making your day perfect, make sure you stay clear-headed so you can enjoy it!

3Wilting wedding flowers

Consider the elements your flowers will be subjected to before making a decision. If it’s hot and humid, delicate flowers won’t make it very long. Ask your florist what will work best after considering the environment.


When planning a wedding, spending over your budget is easy to do. But in the end, remember that you want to enjoy not just the wedding day itself but also the memory of it. If you go into debt over your big day, that won’t be the case. Instead of overspending on the wedding, put aside some money for future anniversary vacations.

5Vendor drama

Three days before your wedding, make sure all vendors have been contacted about arrival times and contracted services. Confirm all details and expectations on the contract.

6Untamed children

Making an effort to entertain the children attending your ceremony and reception can go a long way with your guests. Fill children’s activities boxes with coloring books, small toys or even games to keep them entertained and out of trouble.


Ask those giving toasts prior to the wedding what they are going to talk about. Feel free to give suggestions or ask them to leave out any unnecessary or embarrassing information.

8Unhappy guests

If you aren’t doing a receiving line, make sure to visit each guest’s table during your reception. Saying hello to your guests and thanking them for their gifts will make them feel appreciated.

9Unexpected music

Unless you want to watch grandma do the funky chicken five times in a row, make sure your entertainment knows what you expect from them and what music not to play.

10Last minute loose ends

Want to know the best thing you can do to make sure your day is perfect? Hire a wedding planner! From full planning to day-of packages, wedding planners offer a variety of services that help you take care of any and all unexpected dilemmas on your big day.

Flower girl meltdown

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