5 Easy ways to feel happier every day

We all get on edge, feel frustrated as we sit in traffic or resent certain tasks or responsibilities we have. We aren’t down or sad or feeling particularly bad, but we’re also not happy in those moments where life seems to be giving us lemons. But life is too short to lament the lemons, so we have some simple tips for feeling happier now – not once the promotion comes, not once you land the dream job or the dream guy. We mean right now. Read on for five simple happiness boosters.

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1Try something new

There are so many things to do, see and learn – the possibilities really are endless, but it can be easy to get stuck in a rut doing the same things day-in and day-out. The main problem with this routine scenario is that it does nothing to stimulate or energize you. You become complacent in how you see the world and your place in it. Rev your engine and bust boredom by trying something new – take a cooking class, learn to salsa dance, take an indoor rock-climbing lesson – no matter what it is, the point is to expand your horizons enough that you feel more alive. The more you learn and experience the happier you’ll be.

2Hang out with happy people

We all know people who are naturally happy and full of life all the time. For them, the glass is always half-full and no issue is impossible to solve. Sure, they get frustrated sitting in traffic just like the rest of us but they don’t ever seem to let life’s little unpleasantness get them down. These are the people you need to hang out with if you want to soak up some of their happiness vibe – or at least get a glimpse into how other people see the world. Being around genuinely happy people is infectious and will no doubt inspire you to try living live as they do, without as many hangups and with a greater lust for life.

3Focus on the present

As soon as you let yourself slip into the past, you set yourself up for disaster – or at least a more melancholy day than you’d probably like to be having. The same goes for thinking about the future – there’s no point worrying about things that haven’t happened yet. So what should you be focused on? Whatever’s happening right now – not last year, not two months from now – but the present. We’re not suggesting you forgo all efforts to plan, or that you should never think about the past (you can learn from it, after all) but the more you can live in the moment, the less likely you’ll be to experience the anxiety that comes with pondering things that are outside of your control.

4Don’t pass judgement

Every time you judge yourself (What was I thinking? Why did I do that? I really need to lose weight) or others (What is she wearing? She really needs to lose weight. She’s not qualified for that job) a little wave of negativity washes over you, hindering your happiness. Instead, try turning every silent negative judgement into a positive one and see how you feel. Pat yourself on the back for a job well-done – the presentation you gave, the delicious meal you cooked or the time you took to talk to a friend in need. The less you judge yourself and others in a harsh light, the better your chances at staying consistently happier.

5Enjoy the little things

Life gets so busy sometimes that we forget to enjoy the small but wonderful things that make life so special. Fresh air, sunshine, seeing a rainbow, sitting at an outdoor café with a really great cup of coffee – these are the things that can really make us happy. If you focus on how you feel in those moments and savor them, you’re bound to lead a happier life. The big things – the wedding, the raise – only come along once in a while, so waiting around for the big events to put a smile on your face is silly. Allow all of life’s little pleasures to make you happy and you’ll have a tough time feeling anything but.

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