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National Yoga Month: Yoga gear, wear and more

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a yoga novice, you can celebrate National Yoga Month with new yoga gear, wear and workouts.

1adiFIT Regular Pant ($55)

A good, healthy sweat is a part of every hot yoga session, but with these adiFIT Regular Pants it won’t stop you from performing at your best. They feature adidas’ CLIMALITE sweat-wicking fabric and a slim-cut supportive waist for a flattering fit. These sleek yoga pants come in four color combinations including black/pink, black/green, black/gray and gray/pink.

adiFIT Regular Pant

2Tees by Tina’s Ultimate Seamless Tie-Dye Cami ($45)

If you’re looking for a yoga top that is comfortable and functional during your yoga workout but looks hot with your favorite pair of jeans, this stylish cami will soon become your favorite piece of yoga-to-street attire. Featuring a flattering neckline and a longer length to keep you covered, this cami comes in three colors including black, blush latte and aqua lilypad.

Tees by Tina's Ultimate Seamless Tie-Dye Cami ($45)

3Puretoes yoga footwear ($20)

Soft-structured, form-fitting but flexible, Puretoes is a revolutionary product to slip on your feet before you yoga. It’s not a sock – it’s a comfy footcover with a grip bottom to prevent you from slipping during a class. Puretoes are the perfect enhancement for yoga, Pilates, martial arts, dance and even lounging, giving your feet full freedom of movement while protecting your feet from dirty floors.

Puretoes yoga footwear ($20)

4Plank Designs yoga mat ($85)

Plank Designs is a luxury lifestyle brand that features a cutting-edge eco-friendly yoga mat that is made of fully sustainable natural rubber. Most appealing is the Signature Photo Mat Series, which is a collection of commissioned, art-quality images hand-rendered onto the mats. Unusual and stylish, these mats will inspire you to make every yoga class.

Plank Designs yoga mat ($85)

5rECOnstructed Yoga Bag ($50)

Be good to the environment with an eco-friendly yoga mat and tote it around in an earth-friendly bag. Each rECOnstructed bag is made entirely of recycled banners, making every bag unique. You can show off your individual style and save the planet at the same time with this colorful, one-of-a-kind yoga accessory.

rECOnstructed Yoga Bag ($50)

6Trudie Styler’s Weight Loss Yoga ($15)

Earlier this year, avid yoga practitioner (and wife of singer Sting) Trudie Styler released her sixth mind, body and fitness DVD, Trudie Styler’s Weight Loss Yoga, which features four workouts ranging from 15 to 35 minutes to help you learn to use yoga to lose weight, build strength, improve your posture and train your core muscles — all in the comfort of your own home. Styler and her personal trainer James D’Silva provide a fresh perspective on yoga specifically for weight loss that encourages viewers to embrace a healthier lifestyle through exercise and a cohesive diet plan. The DVD also has a bonus 12-minute meditation practice.

Trudie Styler's Weight Loss Yoga ($15)

7Yoga Tune Up (prices vary depending on program)

Need a new yoga practice? Challenge your body from every angle and achieve the muscular balance and flexibility that will improve your coordination and posture, increase your strength, reduce your risk of injury (and even heal from injury) and lower your stress with Jill Miller’s Yoga Tune Up system. Combining a unique set of yoga poses, calisthenics and self-massage therapy balls, Miller takes you through a variety of workouts that promote optimal health and fitness for the long-term. Choose from the DVD set or buy “quick fix” videos online.

Yoga Tune Up (prices vary depending on program) (starting at $3 per week)

Another at-home yoga option is a membership. YogaDownload is your personal online yoga studio, open 24 hours a day, offering hundreds of classes in dozens of styles, taught by some of the world’s best instructors. Even better, you can choose classes and a schedule that suits your ability, schedule and budget. You can even enjoy audio-only classes and download yoga workouts onto your iPod. (starting at $3 per week)

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