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Fall fitness fashion trends

Stop working out in those unflattering baggy sweats and too-tight sports bras that pinch your skin (and make your back fat hang over). Style, functionality and comfort is “in” for fall fitness fashion. We talked with Kim Parker, director of women’s training at adidas, to get the scoop on the fitness attire we should be wearing when we sweat.

Fall fitness trends

Be fashionable and fit

If your goals for exercise are to look better and feel better, you’re hindering your efforts by going to the gym in baggy clothes. Parker says, “Steer clear of the baggy tee and sweatpants, which can get in the way of your workout.”

Avoid the chafe

Wearing baggy sweats because you’re afraid tighter clothing is going to rub you raw? Parker has the answer. “To avoid chafing, stick with compression or fitted garments that cover those friction-prone areas,” suggests the fitness expert. “If you’re uncomfortable in compression or tight clothes, fitted garments are both flattering and functional and provide a bit more coverage.” Just make sure you wear the right size. Buying a small when you need a medium doesn’t make you a small – it makes you uncomfortable.

Top 8 fitness fashion trends for fall

Here are Parker’s insights on the fitness fashion trends of the season.


Go bold with fitness wear color and patterns

The color story for fall is bold, powerful and energetic with graphics that provide dimension. “We’re seeing a lot of translucent jackets, with brights layered underneath for a pop of color,” Parker explains.

2Slim-fitting silhouettes are in for fitness wear

You may think loose clothing will give you more ability to move, but baggy T-shirts and sweats can actually hinder your range of motion. “Reduced material provides full mobility for natural movement during your workout, with zero distractions,” Parker says about slim-fitting fitness wear.

3Stay cool and dry with climate-control fitness wear

According to Parker, the trend in fabrics is all about climate control, with mesh ventilation and breathable materials that allow your body to operate at the optimal temperature no matter what the weather.

4Get the right fit

Well-fitted fitness attire will not only make you feel good, it will make you look good. “Another innovative technique in garment construction is wrapping seams, which help ensure the right amount of compression for a supportive fit that moves with your body,” says Parker.

5Layer workout wear for fall fitness

“Layering is key for cold weather workouts, as is a fabric that keeps you dry,” explains Parker. “Workout wear with quick-dry or sweat-wicking properties will ensure you are comfortable in the elements and will also prevent rashes and chafing.” Another reason to ditch those tees and sweats? Cotton absorbs sweat and should be avoided as an inside layer for high-intensity workouts.

6Be creative and comfy with your fitness wear

Tights not really your thing? Parker suggests this alternative: “If you’re self-conscious in leggings, a flattering look which is also a big trend we’re seeing this fall is layering shorts over longer tights. Go with a lightweight pair to make sure your body doesn’t overheat.”

7Go for functional fitness wear

If you can’t run without your favorite playlist or always need your smartphone handy, rely on functional fitness wear. “It’s all in the details for fall, and built-in features you’ll find in apparel include pockets for media devices and thumb-holes for a secure fit in long-sleeved garments,” explains Parker.


Techfit bra

Get the right sports bra

Even the most stylish outergarments for exercise can leave you unsupported. Your sports bra is one of the most important pieces of fitness wear. Parker stresses, “Finding the right sports bra is crucial – never forgo one! Find one with plenty of ventilation to keep you from over-heating during workouts.” Try the adidas TECHFIT Bra ($25). It adds a vibrant pop of color under your outfit and offers support and sweat control. The bra’s stay-put technology comes from strap stabilizers that don’t give you that “straitjacket” feel. It also features a breathable mesh back that keeps you dry by wicking away sweat.

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