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Makeup tricks for covering psoriasis

Forget diamonds: Makeup is a woman’s best friend. These skin care and makeup tricks will help you conceal your psoriasis breakout and feel confident that you look your best.

makeup to cover psoriasis

Wash & scrub. Exfoliating helps reduce scaling. Simply putting makeup over the scales will cause the scales to turn from red to beige, so don’t skip this important step.

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Less is more. The key to applying any kind of makeup is a light touch. Too much foundation can make you look like you are trying desperately to cover something up.

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Use the right foundation. Liquid is better than powder, and cream is better than liquid. Powder can cause and draw attention to flakes and dry skin. Liquid, however, sticks to the face better and provides more even coverage. Cream foundation is typically the least harsh of the three options.

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Don’t touch. Touching your face will cause makeup to fail easier and faster on any woman, but if you suffer from psoriasis, touching your face could irritate your skin, too.

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As for any condition, consult your doctor on what the best treatment is for you. A dermatologist may also be able to recommend makeup and give you some tips on applying it.

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