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5 Ways to make over your home after a divorce

Making your house a home again after a divorce is essential to moving on. One of the best parts about getting the marital residence is that you can now do whatever you want with it like a remodeling project or changing the color scheme. When you actually change your environment instead of just saying you will change it, you have made the ultimate step in the right direction. Here are some simple ways to help you make that happen.

A Fresh Coat

Some fresh paint can also mean a fresh start. You don’t have to go crazy and start painting every room and closet. Start by picking a room that you spend a lot of time in and go for a new look in there. Or, you can try painting only one wall or putting up wallpaper. The walls won’t feel like they are closing in on you if you make this simple change.

The Same, But Rearranged

Buying new furniture is costly. If you have an unlimited budget, then go for a brand new look, but if you don’t, like most of us in this economy, then try rearranging your furniture in all rooms. Put the bed in another corner or turn it so it’s at an angle. You can also try switching up rooms so the office is the guest bedroom and the guest bedroom is now the office. Doing this will give your house a whole new feel.

fresh frames

Taking down some of the old photos and putting up new ones is a great way to change your space. Put up photos of you and your best girlfriends having cocktails on vacation. It will be a daily reminder that you need to rally the ladies for a vacation ASAP. You can also put a collage of photos of your children, pets and family up.

more closet

You may have noticed that you have more room in the closets in your home. It’s one aspect of divorce that you should enjoy. No more dresses crammed in the closet! Try organizing your closet and adding any features you wanted to add before you got divorced. All the closet space belongs to you now.

light show

Your ex-husband probably wasn’t crazy about the romantic mood lighting you often tried to set, especially when he was watching football or baseball. Well, you can set the mood exactly the way you want it now — and you never know, before long there may be a new handsome gentleman enjoying the romantic lighting with you.

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