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Make your next date night feel extra special

Finding time to plan a date night with your husband can be tough. Between work, chores and child-wrangling duties, getting ten minutes to yourselves can be hard enough, let alone figuring out how to escape for several hours. So when you do manage to score a night off together, you want it to be meaningful. We’re here to help ensure your next date night feels extra special – because who knows when the next one will come along!

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1Have a plan

If you know that Friday is going to be date night, before you head out the door, do your best to plan ahead so you don’t end up at the sushi place down the street – again. Is there a restaurant you’ve been meaning to try? Make a reservation. Is a band you love coming to town? Secure tickets. Do what you can so you aren’t disappointed and don’t end up frustrated that you’re just doing the same old thing.

Once you’ve figured out what your date night will be anchored around (the dinner, the concert), plan what you’ll be doing before and after to really give the night some excitement. Leave an hour before your reservation and grab a glass of wine at the cute wine bar en route to the restaurant, and then instead of sticking around for dessert, grab ice cream cones and wander around the neighborhood. Make the night more than a one-note date.

2Think outside the ordinary

We know you love the bistro three blocks over that has that really great penne a la vodka you always get and the steakhouse that knows how you like your meat cooked without having to ask, but this is date night and tried and true just doesn’t cut it if you want the night to be special. Instead of relying on old favorites (which is fine some of the time), make an effort to try something new the next time the two of you go out together.

Instead of panicking when you get stumped on the day you’re supposed to be going out, keep a running list of things you want to try the next time you have a date night. Keep the list on the fridge or somewhere you’ll see it and be able to quickly jot down ideas. Then the next time it’s time to plan a night out, you’ll have several fun ideas to choose from.

3Steer clear of chore or kid talk

Take the first ten or 15 minutes of the date to get the mundane chatter out of the way (leak in the bathroom, upcoming parent-teacher meeting, what color to paint the bathroom) and then put a stop to regular household talk. Instead, reconnect by finding out what’s going in each other’s lives outside of being parents and homeowners. Talk about where you want to go on your next vacation, goals you have or anything else that helps you get back to feeling like a couple, rather than just two people that happen to live in the same house.

4Treat yourselves

If you only get out on a date every once and while, why not splurge little? We’re not suggesting you break the bank or spend more than you have, but spending a little bit extra if date nights are few and far between can really make the night feel special. Get that extra glass of wine, choose the dish you might not normally order or make a reservation somewhere you would never go on a normal night. The point is to treat yourselves so you feel like you’re on a date, not just out for dinner.

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