Senior health: 4 Fun and healthy senior activities

Staying active in your golden years isn’t always as easy as making plans and sticking to them. A decline in energy, limited mobility and health concerns all help create barriers to staying as active as you once were. But participating in routine healthy activities has numerous health benefits for seniors that include better moods, better sleep, and increased energy levels. Read on for tips on staying active.

Elderly sightseeing group

1Museum art programs

Many museums — including the world-famous Museum of Modern Art in New York — have started putting together art walks and senior-specific programs for seniors, as well as programs that target dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. To top it off, most museums offer a senior discount, so it’s affordable too!

2Attending music concerts

Music can have tremendous benefits for seniors — just take a look at all the music therapy programs offered in senior centers. Finding concerts that are easily accessible isn’t all that hard, but it’s important to make sure that the crowd will be easy to navigate and they have handicapped facilities for seniors with disabilities or who use a walker or wheelchair. A good place to check is with your local civic center or theater.

3Learning a new language

Learning a foreign language can be a great way for seniors to engage in an educational and mentally stimulating activity. Taking a class with other students is a great way to provide a learning activity and social engagement, but if there are no in-person classes nearby, there are numerous online programs that can be employed. Most libraries offer language learning software for free, while some of the higher-end software solutions (like Rosetta Stone) tend to range from $200 to $500, depending on the skill level and language.

4Day trips for local sightseeing

While many larger cities have great tours in place already, there’s always local attractions close to every city that can be fun for a day trip. Many nonprofit organizations that have senior programs, such as the YMCA or the JCC, plan occasional group trips to nearby locales. Similarly, local churches often organize group day trips and local sightseeing for their senior groups. Getting involved in these organizations is a great way to get plugged into a social scene and take part in cultural outings.

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