Body of Proof star Dana Delany launches Women Move the World campaign

Aug 15, 2011 at 3:37 p.m. ET

Caltrate calcium and vitamin D supplement brand has created a Facebook page, inviting women to share inspiring stories and get behind the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure to support breast cancer research and honor the strength of race participants. One inspirational woman will be chosen to be featured in next year’s advertising to show how real women move the world. ABC’s Body of Proof star Dana Delany is the spokeswoman for the Caltrate campaign. Here’s our Q&A with Delany.

Dana Delany partners with Caltrate

Women Move the World

SheKnows: Dana, what drew you to participate in this campaign?

Dana Delany: I felt personally aligned to the Women Move the World mission: to help keep women's bodies strong and active so they can continue to move the world in their own unique way -- physically, emotionally and for the causes they believe in. I stay physical by doing yoga everyday to keep my mind and body strong. Emotionally, I connect with and advocate for a number of women's health issues – so it just felt like a natural fit for me.

SK: Do you think women are wired to draw strength from each other and group camaraderie?

Delany: Yes, I wholeheartedly agree. I was very moved by the Women Move the World spirit of sisterhood, because I have a special relationship with my sister Corey. She has always been there for me and hopefully me for her. I believe that women want to celebrate other women who move the world.

SK: Do you think the campaign's Facebook page will get a lot of participation?

Delany: The fact is women innately want to celebrate other women who move the world, and that's why Caltrate created this platform. It's why I'm talking about it, and it's why I think women will be drawn to it. It's our hope that women will be moved to check out the page, read the stories and contribute. I will be posting several times.

SK: As a prime example of a strong, successful woman, how do you juggle your TV and screen commitments with your personal life and other interests?

Delany: It isn't always easy to carve out time for myself when I work as hard as I do. I think it's important to all women's health that they have quiet alone time to refill the well. We can't keep giving if there is nothing left to give.

SK: People say adversity makes us stronger. What's been the biggest challenge in your life?

Delany: I think the biggest challenge in my life, and for many people, is to stay true to myself. What is right for me might not be right for other people. The lesson I've learned over and over is to trust my instincts.

SK: What is your goal as an actor? Does it get better than working with Robert DeNiro and Forest Whitaker in the upcoming film Freelancers?

Delany: My goal as an actor is to keep trying new things. In Freelancers I had a fun time with 50 Cent, as that is who I did the majority of my scenes with. We also shot in New Orleans, which was a blast.

SK: What do you love about working on Body of Proof? What do you hope people take away from the show?

Delany: I like the science of Body of Proof. It is a privilege as an actor to get to learn something that you would not have otherwise learned. It's kind of like going to school for free. I hope that people take away a respect for death from the show -- that every person's life had value and should be respected as such.

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