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Spice up the next sleepover with your man

According to a recent study of committed couples published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, more and more loved-up duos are engaging in what the study refers to as “stayover” relationships – not moving in together but regularly staying over at each other’s houses instead. That got us thinking about the sleepovers of our youth and how we could turn the traditional PG pillow fight party into something a little more fun and frisky.

Together but apart

Couples in the study are spending three or more nights a week together while maintaining the option to go back to their separate homes. So whether you’ve been with your guy for years or you’re in a newer relationship, spice up your next sleepover with sexed-up versions of some of your favorite games. It’s a great way to loosen up and learn more about each other.

120 (Sex) Questions


This classic sleepover game can easily be made into something a little naughty. Traditionally, each person takes turns thinking of something (person, place, object) and the other person asks yes or no questions until they can guess the answer. This time, instead of choosing something generic, get a little racy. Sex toys or sex positions are a good place to start and can definitely get the night going in a pretty steamy direction.

2Blush-worthy truth or dare

When you were a kid, this classic sleepover game probably involved taking dares like sneaking into the neighbor’s yard and eating disgusting combinations of food – or telling the truth about whether you’ve ever kissed a boy. This time the principle remains the same but the details get taken up a few notches. Dares, obviously, will involve all things naughty. Anyone opting for truth over dare will have to come clean about everything they’ve done in the bedroom – and beyond.

3Sexy snacks

Never mind chips, popcorn and buckets of candy – this particular sleepover party calls for snacks of the aphrodisiac variety. Instead of soda, get a nice bottle of champagne or red wine. Sugary candy can be traded for chocolate-covered strawberries, and some other delicious options include figs, almonds, asparagus, honey and vanilla. Incorporate these known aphrodisiacs into your meal for the evening and see where your menu choices take you.

4X-rated I never

Playing this game as a kid was probably already a test of who was the most advanced where boys were concerned, but now you can take it one step further and create a sexy version of the time honored classic. Only play this if you can handle knowing some of the more intimate details of your partner’s sexual history – jealous or shy types need not apply. This is a great game for the more sexually open-minded, who might actually get turned on by hearing about each other’s sexual exploits.

5Sexed-up board games

Any game – Monopoly, the Game of Life, Snakes and Ladders – can easily be taken from innocent fun to something a little saucier. You can either turn whatever game you play into a “strip” version where anyone who rolls poorly or gets the short end of the stick has to take off an item of clothing, or make things even easier with a rule that states the loser has to do whatever the winner wants – in the bedroom.

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