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Show your man you care with love coupons

There are only so many times you can take someone out for dinner or cook them their favorite meal to show your love before it gets old. Gifts are great but they can often seem generic and impersonal, which makes it hard to figure out what to give your guy to let him know you care. So if you’re stumped, we’re here to help. With a little creativity and some planning, you can give your guy the ultimate in personalized gifts – love coupons. Read on to find out how.

Love coupons

Love coupons made easy

Los Angeles-based Datevitation launched earlier this month as the world’s first online platform for creating custom love coupons and gift books – a fun and creative way to show your man how much you care. Datevitation offers a library of over 200 love coupons — unique dates and activities meant to be shared and enjoyed by both of you. Date options range from miniature golf to romantic walks to frisky, adult-only activities and are divided into several categories including artistic, romantic, pampering, dining out and culture.

Datevitation allows customers to choose which date coupons they want to give and then customize each coupon with a personal message. The idea began when Alex Karpman, founder of Datevitation, gave his girlfriend an iPod for her birthday along with a card describing a fun date night he had planned for them. His girlfriend turned out to be much more excited about the card than the iPod, which is when Karpman knew he was onto something worth pursuing. “I set out to build tools and a platform to help anyone in a relationship create the most unique, thoughtful and romantic gift imaginable. It’s all about giving your special someone the gift of having fun and spending time together,” he said in a statement about the site.

Datevitation gift books start at $5 for a custom book of five love coupons. Additional coupons are $1 each.

Make your own

If you’re feeling industrious, you can print off your own individual love coupons to create a DIY love coupon book to give your guy when you think he deserves some extra acknowledgment. They make a great anytime gift or a fun, customizable birthday or anniversary surprise. You can also print off individual coupons and hide them in your guy’s briefcase or wallet (naughty ones perhaps?) to really make his day special. We found two sites that allow you to create custom coupons.

At, you can choose a background from eight options (with various images and borders), pick your font, type the text you want to appear on the coupon and then either print or email your coupon to a recipient.

The Romance 101 site offers a similar process where you simply fill in the name of your sweetie, who the coupon is from (you) and then the type of coupon you want. They provide over a dozen options including a free hug, shower for two, foot massage and breakfast in bed, but there is also room to add your own. Once you fill out the necessary fields, preview and print your coupons.

Love coupon inspiration

If you’re thinking of making a love coupon book for your guy but you’re not sure what to include, we’ve put together some fun ideas to get your started.

  • Get out of jail free: Did he forget to take out the trash? Didn’t have time to cut the lawn? If you give your guy this coupon, he can use it the next time he gets in trouble.
  • At home pampering: For the hard-working guy in your life, this coupon encompasses a night of pampering. You can offer anything from foot rubs and back massages to a soothing bubble bath for two.
  • Sports bar date: Do you have a game-loving guy? This coupon would be redeemable for one date night at the sports bar of his choice, with beer and wings on you.
  • Mystery road trip: This coupon is all about taking your guy on a wild ride – without him knowing where he’s going. Just tell him to book a few days off, organize a fun weekend away and surprise him with the fun you have planned.
  • Play day: If your man needs some mindless fun, this idea will be perfect. Plan out a day that involves tons of fun kids’ stuff – a trip to the zoo, ice cream sundaes, amusement park, a baseball game – all topped off with his favorite junk food treat.

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